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Hello Everyone! This week I have a little outside post prepared. I was in love with the nature around my new home, the weather wa...

Hello Everyone!

This week I have a little outside post prepared. I was in love with the nature around my new home, the weather was so nice and lovely, having the last soft sun touches of the year on my skin mixed the the already rather cold and fresh autumn air. It was the perfect atmosphere to have a shooting. 
All my outfits are from H&M as I went crazy again. 

Monday: 2.11.15

A red, black and white vintage printed jumper with a simply basic black leggings combined with a thick and soft teddy fabric cardigan. Perfect combination of being seasonal adequately dressed.  

Tuesday: 3.11.15

This outfit I loved so much. The asymmetric skirt and the skin tight turtle neck grey jumper go so well together. Centre piece is the blue flower statement necklace. To get a bit of colour in there I combined it with the very red fur jacket that has some light and dark brown dots in the pattern as well. This on will keep you warm and cosy over the next four cold moths yet you'll be stylish.

Wednesday: 4.11.15

Going more on the comfortable side again I decided to wear this bold black and white striped knitter jumper. Though I said it's bold I love it to pieces because of its rather calming and natural outlook. It fits perfectly, not too tight nor too big and is a fitting item for some chilly november days.

Thursday: 5.11.15

Getting a bit more excitement in to my week I went with the furry wine red jumper. It is really extravagant and you have to be very confident in wearing it because this is a rather rarely seen piece but this is why I love it. It defines the person you are and is a statement of autumn itself. Get out of your comfort zone and step forward.

Friday: 6.11.15

This is honestly one of my favorite pieces. I remember wearing wide jeans when I was 7-8 years old and they used to be the it item back then. I haven't seen them until this year and I detested them. But now I was reminded why I used to love them. They look so stylish. Those jeans make your legs look longer and yourself more grazil and womanly because they compliment your curves (or support in my case). Having the wide jeans as a the attention item I combined the black turtle neck jumper and a combined necklace with many charms on it with it. 
(NOE: You will need heels with those jeans to make your legs look better/ longer)

I hop you liked my little more creative outfit post and until next week! 

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