Taylor Swift- 1989 - Review

Hello Everyone, I found myself downloading Taylor Swifts new album 1989 which was only released 2 or 3 weeks ago and thought I am going...

Hello Everyone,

I found myself downloading Taylor Swifts new album 1989 which was only released 2 or 3 weeks ago and thought I am going to write a review about it. I have to say I was never was a fan of hers and I only had two songs from her on my iTunes before. I never bought a whole album. 
I liked her but wasn't obsessed with her. To me she was there, I knew she sang and wrote love songs but  never considered listening to an album straight through.

So it was only surprising and a surprise I was not prepared for (in a positive way) that I am now listening to it 24/7. 
I am even in love with the cover because there are pictures that seem to be rather privately taken photos which make me feel like that's a bit more privat, there is a connection that she is not just an allusion and she really exists as a person.

There is no question that she has a talent for music, the feeling you need to have for your passion. She played her guitar, writes songs and simply sings her words. And they always sound good, really good even, make sense and come from her heart which I believe is the most important thing, that you feel within your body, that you know what it is about what your singing there. She does that, because she writes out of her experience. 
Even more I was surprised that she now tried something more different and went from the country songs to pop and she was still able to keep her personality in it. 

The album consists out of 13 songs and some Bonus Material. My favorites are the "Welcome To New York" and "Blanc Space". But I really, honestly like the whole album because there are songs for the heart and to dance in their. 
I say, that Taylor Swift did a good job with her latest album and I do not regret buying it. It is definitely music for girl/ women who are soft on their inside and want to listen to some heart felt music or just want to "shake off" their daily stress. Remarkable is that she created something new but didn't loose herself, put her usual personal note in there just in an other way, in a more modern way.

 Concluding, I have to say I am truly amazed and I hope I could give you a little inside and maybe you will consider buying it as well or give it away as a christmas present. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! 


Pic1: http://groundctrl.s3.amazonaws.com/clients/taylorswift/media/02/14/images/assets/large.uXdB-5khn8a_1F2p7-KX0xCiRnOXiK5cwgonO0va294.jpg

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