Vegan Product Review

Hello Everyone!  Today I have a beauty post for you. A vegan product review. Two weeks ago my Mum and I went shopping for vegan beauty ...

Hello Everyone! 

Today I have a beauty post for you. A vegan product review. Two weeks ago my Mum and I went shopping for vegan beauty products and had a really big haul. The picture below shows half of what we ended up going. 
Over the next couple of weeks I will review each product for you guys. 
Today I am going to start with the Isana conditioner and gel wash 

Like I said this was half of the whole and so far I have tried the Isana conditioner 
and the Isana oil gel shower in the sent melon and peach.
With vegan I mean not that this is based on natural plants. It's still a very good amount of chemistry in the products. 
But and here it is: None of the products have been tested on animals. What this tells us on the very bride side, these products won't let us smell like gras or a cactus, no we will still we can still compete our daily battles smelling like a rose, vanilla or even chocolate. 

First plus and this counts every product I will be talking about in the next post. They are really "cheap" compared to all the other choices out there. Most products I got for less than one €. Immediately I thought that they will be bullshit or not as good as the things I use now. But I was wrong. They are equal if the least 


Unfortunately they are german products but I put a link to an international list of animal- cruelty free products here
I am going to start with the conditioner on the left photo. It specializes in keeping coloured hair as well as moisturizes and repairs it. It makes my hair really soft and keeps my curls "under control" I seem not to have as dry and spliss hair as I did using panten pro v. I really like it because of this curing facts. I didn't even pay a full € for the product and for that I couldn't be any more happy with it. 

Now the oil shower gel on the right picture. Of course it smells really fruity and exotic which I find super nice at this time of the year because you come out of the shower really fresh and energized. Now  the shower gel is for dry skins. I cannot tell a recognizable change but my dry is not as dry as it used to be before I used it. I think there are definitely some changes to see in the longterm. But so far, as this product was in the same price region like the product before, I am happy about my choice as well. 

All in all the purchases were really worth it. I did not support animal cruelty which is the most important and still have some positive side effect from using new beauty products.

I am very excited to try out and review further products I have bought and I hope you liked the post! 


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