Hello Everyone!  Today I want to o deeper in the lifestyle topic of my blog. Veganism. I don't know what reaction this term b...

Hello Everyone! 

Today I want to o deeper in the lifestyle topic of my blog. Veganism. I don't know what reaction this term brings you but as I heard it the first time I was stunned.
So I was thinking about writing this post for over a months now but wanted it to be proper and not be a just a phase I am going through. Or that it sounded like that. I am vegan now for a year and want to share my experiences as I got a little knowledge about this lifestyle now.

What is Veganism? 

If I had to describe veganism myself, I would say it's not just about eating! It's a way of life where people choose to see every being on this planet as an earthling and with that as something just as equal as a human being. Every earthling has the right to live and not be cruelly killed for useless consummation of human who do not know what to fuel their bodies with. 
So as a vegan you will not use, wear, apply, drink or eat, etc...  any animal products whatsoever.

Why I became vegan

For obvious reasons I have anorexia so this part of me is strictly restricting. During the last year I found out that I won't overcome this illness as the roots to the disorder go so deep, I can only accept them and live with it.
But there has also grown another part of me who is loving earth and it's earthlings and I do not want to make the world an even worse planed and put it into further pain that the human race already is. I of course leave my food print but I want it to be as small as it can be.
Thirdly, I want to be healthy. I destroyed my body and I still am but I try not to as much with this way of eating and living.

So as this journey for me started out of a disordered behavior it has now become rather ethnical as well. I am really happy with my decision making and excited where this will lead me.
First it was all about food, now I want to go further and look after the clothes I am wearing and the cosmetic I am using as well as the products I need for home care and such.
Every step in that direction is a right one. It does not have to be radical, mine was slowly but surely and I am now on a path where I can say I am definitely on the right track.

I lastly just want to mention, that this is also in thought and attempt of a self recovery in some sort of way. As much as I am willing to give at the moment.

How I do it

I just through a word into the room. Raw. Anything cooked over 50 degrees celsius actually looses a good amount of the vitamins and all the good things in the food. I will not let that happen. So I eat raw, I bake raw and I eat raw. I did that like I said for a while now and got some great recipes to share with you!

As I go deeper in the whole subject matter now I will look after the clothes I am wearing, if it's real leather or now, fake fur or not. I want to only buy products that are made by companies who do not try their products on animals and perform animal cruelty in any way.

Side note:
All the products I have now like fur vests, cosmetics, etc .. and that are results of animal cruelty and such I will not through away, because then this animal would have died for nothing, for real. I will either sell things and empty my cosmetic as it goes but not purchase any of products of the "black list" anymore.

So these rules sound rather hard as I read them through again. But I have been doing it this way since the beginning of this year and I feel happier and livelier. All apart from the health benefits I am recognizing since all last year already.

This topic is really important to me and my journey with "fighting for animals" has been a long one already as I started out a vegetarian since I have turned 13 and loved it. I am now proud to say that I resist ,out of my own free will and for a good reason, all animal products.

Next to my 31 day Challenge I will have another side of content, but of course keeping "Outfit Of The Week" - posts. 
I thought I will have a vegan Saturday. Which means every Saturday I will write about my vegan week, post a meal, review a vegan product on the cosmetic side, give further information to the vegan lifestyle- change it all up.
So I will continue to write my usual post, I will continue doing beauty related reviews, hauls, shopping trips and so on. But I want to represent and share my lifestyle with you.

Wow! I got all excited and red cheeked now. I really hope you will continue to follow me and not see me as "one of those" people. I don't want to try and brainwash any of you, just share my experiences of my decision. And of course I hope you will read, follow and like it!


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