My 20th birthday wish list

Hello lovlies, so in about a month it's my 20th birthday and I will be officially "old" and have lived  about a quar...

Hello lovlies,

so in about a month it's my 20th birthday and I will be officially "old" and have lived  about a quarter of my life. 
Other than earlier birthdays I will actually have a little wish list. I got inspired a lot in the last months since I have been more into beauty and fashion. But also I will remember that it's a birthday and not about getting all too excited about everything out there.

Alright so I will have a list for everyone I know I get something from so they can just pick something.
Its basically my mother, father, grandparents and my best friend as well as my stepfather.
Mum's list

Father's list 


Grandparents' list

best friend's list

stepfather's list

So this is my wish list for my birthday in no less than a month and one day already. All of the Pandora items have been on my wish list for quite some time and for me it's always like this that I only get good jewelry on my birthday so I always, always get all my fallen in love items then and there. And I am oh so excited because I love wearing rings and I am really looking forward to have my actual Pandora Bracelet finished. 

I have fallen in love with the fur Jacket because pretty much every year I got something furry and I am always looking out  for something and this year I believe it's this on. A girl has got to be a bit fancy at some point and fur jackets are my personal weakness if it comes to being fancy. 

Also I have seen quite a lot of the white All Star Converse so I thought to myself I could get some of them too as they do look pretty fashionable to me and are also perfect for autumn. 

The Sigma Brush Set, I want it because I have pretty bad OCD and it makes me so crazy seeing all my brushes from different brands and I always wish for the main brushes to look similar like they belong together. Also they have a really good review and I have heard people and YouTubers gush about them for years. 

And then the last part, I really want to read Zoe's book! Since the day she announced that she is going to get a book written by none but herself published I kind of got obsessed with buying it so I will let my stepfather pre- order it as soon as possible to make sure that I will get it :) 

Yes, this is probably the first time for me to actually have wishes and not just asking for money to buy something I haven't thought about and I am so happy about it. It also makes me more excited about my actual birthday and also look forward to turning 20. 
Really good idea this wish list plus I got to share my wishes with you guys. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, maybe I could give you some ideas to give away or wish for yourself and as always have a good day! 


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  1. Hello there girl :D Love the fur jacket and the pink ring! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out here to see what it's all about! Hope you 'll accept the "award challenge"!

    Xoxo, Veni

  2. great post ! you have such good taste . Hopefully you get some of these items and have an awesome birthday.

  3. that fur jacket is gorgeous! I need one of those for winter! x


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