Saturdays Casual Ikea Trip - Room project Take2

 Hello lovelies, I have been to Ikea yesterday with my family and I thought I share that experience with you. Since ma...

 Hello lovelies,
I have been to Ikea yesterday with my family and I thought I share that experience with you. Since may I have been working on my room like decorating a bit and kind of make it newer and different because after 4 years I really got bored of it and every time I went in there I got annoyed and quickly went out. So to make it more comfortable and nicer for me I "rebuild" it peu à peu.

I spend most of my time in bed so I like some nice beddings and a lot of cushions and I now have a good amount and they are so nice and comfy and I really just want to snuggle in them. I have got to normal once I sleep on with the new aw14 collection of bedding, two brown silky cushions (medium sized), a big grey one with the same fabric but bigger and a spotty cushion as a bit of an eye catcher which also is quiet fluffy.
The big green thing is a a carpet. I took a green one as I feel like it looks like my own little piece of gras, so I have a tiny and easy to care for garden in my room (that I don't need to water since I totally do not have a green thumb). I really like that one and it was so cheap like 7 €!

I then got some things for storage like 4 black boxes in different sizes. I don't like things laying around so I rather want them stocked somewhere nicely in a corner.
I also got some dividers for my make- up draw which I like more then the baskets I have now.

And lastly I got some decoration like those stones to put in my vases to make them look nicer. I do not have real flowers as they are pricy with the time so I went for fake ones and simply put them in glass vases. But now with those glass stones they look much more pimped and different, more exciting as well.

In the end, I also ordered a furry grey blanket on Amazon which you can find here and it's oh so fluffy. I am almost always cold so I need some blankets and this one looks just pretty and keeps me warm so two flies in one go!

I hope you liked my post, you can find all items on Ikea here and the furry blanket on Amazon here.
I for myself will hop in my bed now and make myself really comfy.


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  1. I LOVE ikea, always dangerous going there can never leave empty handed!

  2. Hello, I have nominated you for the 'Liebster Nomination Award'. Please check my blog to find out more :)


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