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Hello Everyone!  So it's been a while on the make- up front on my blog but changes into the vegan lifestyle I figured I should chan...

Hello Everyone! 

So it's been a while on the make- up front on my blog but changes into the vegan lifestyle I figured I should change my make- up as well. So I went and bought a natural foundation and the fitting powder to it as well as some make- up remover pads. I am using vegan make up remover for quite a while now and I am really happy with it but I rather prefer pads, so I went with them. 

So the items I am going to talk about today are the as well as the natural cosmetic powder form Alterra and the Rival de Loop Make- up remover pads.
Alterra is a german brand so you might won't be able to purchase it in the first place.

24h Fresh Make- up foundation from Alterra 

So I got the 2 in 1 make- up and care foundation in the colour medium and although I felt really refreshed with it the foundation itself felt like wearing a mask on my face that didn't quite fit. It covered really well I must admit and my skin looked healthy even with it. Another plus is the smell, it smelled amazingly. Like roses and not chemistry which I thought was a really find touch. It had like a natural glow. It's consistency is really sick and I didn't like that it is a tube. Also because it was mask- like is had lighter spots as soon as I accidentally touched my face. 
So in the end of the day I would not recommend this foundation as it is (even though it's all natural) it is not "real". I want to look natural as well and I want my make- up to be in my face not on my clothes and hands. This is the main reason as to why I am not going to buy this product again

natural cosmetic powder form Alterra 

This product I am also not sure about, if it is just because of the reason of combination with the foundation but it also left marks all over my clothes. It covered really well though and it was really easy to put on as well. No problem at all. I think I will continue using it but just for the summer where my skin is actually in a medium colour but I am not too convinced of it to be buying it again. Just because of the spotty and mark leaving fact. This is a huge issue for me and therefore the product does not fulfill its purpose in coverage despite the lovely smell as well.

Rival de Loop Make- up remover pads

Of this I have tried both, the pads and the little towel thingies. Although I am not a fan of the towel thingies because I find them annoying to use because you cannot use one twice and therefore spend more money than on the pads. Also you get fewer than with those pads. Well despite this, I found the towel thingies much more refreshing and cooling. But the make- up was a bit harder to remove than with the pads. I had a scrub my face more, especially my lashes witch cause a lot of lashes to be honest. It does its job though. But my life was to become easier when I bought the pads two weeks ago. They are really oily and senseless but they do the works really fine and I am happy with the end result. So this is all that counts. The pads themselves are smaller than the previous used bebe ones and much more thinner. So there is more in the package but you cannot reuse a pad also. 
I will buy this one again though as I am happy with it.
Rival de Loop is not organic or vegan. In fact it "only" doesn't try their product out on animals and cares for animal rights which is fair enough for me.

So I hope you found this review somewhat helpful. And all I can say at this point is that even though all the products are really cheap (around 3 € each), sometimes spending a bit more money on beauty products really evaluates quality which is what I am looking for at the end.


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