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Hello Everyone!  So being all about the studyblr lately because I want to finish my A- levels as good as I can I thought I might sh...

Hello Everyone! 

So being all about the studyblr lately because I want to finish my A- levels as good as I can I thought I might share some of the study tips I have found lately. 
I wrote them all down and pinned them on my pin wall so I can see them all the time when I am about to lose faith and want to procrastinate. 

Here they are. 

Now before I start going further into the topic I must say the most important things about being a good student is that you must be willing enough and be organized. There is no way around these two things I believe. 
Organization will make it so much easier for you to overlook all of your tasks and work, that you stay on track at all times. Plus the will to be good gives you the energy to follow all the tips because nothing else quite reaches the importance of your aim. 

So my aim this year is: to finish my A- levels as best as I can, do my homework, study hard and get into a good university at the end of the year.

1. Get to class early
Now, I always used to be late or on the last minute last year which left me very stressed and exhausted, confused at the beginning of class and it took me a little while to settle down and concentrate. 
This year I try to be in the room a little earlier, like 10- 15 minutes. I am able to revise and read through the notes so I now were we are at in class right from the start. I find this tip really helps a lot.

2.There is no easy way out
I always tried to find an easy way. To copy homework, cheat at tests or simply have sick days. Not a good solution to be honest and I do not recommend that. Yes you might make it but it's actually so much more stressful do think about how you are going to get around the work than going it. 
I am sorry to bring this to you. Not cheating and so on is much easier!

3. Trick yourself into being interested
Well, I found out that most of the things they teach us in school is not as boring as we think it is. So I do not struggle with that and most of the time do not have to make myself interested. However, if you are dealing with it, it might would help to build a story around the topic to make it funny and with that easier to remember for you. Use insiders, common weird words or make up neologisms to make that stuff stick in your brain.

4. Make school your priority
What your are doing now is the solid ground for your future and right now it's all you have to do. So treat school like your work, make it the most important thing in your life for the time being. A boyfriend might go, real friends will stay no matter what, you can be as beautiful as you are but eventually a students that did very very well will rather get your favorite job than you who spend all the time in front of the mirror and so on. 

5. Make a weekly checklist
This tip really helps you to stay on top of things. Write a weekly list of the tasks you need to get done in the week. So you know what is most important and needs to get done. Also it will motivate you even more once you can cross it off.

6. Do active studying
You can always sit down and read through a text but actually focussing and understanding is the key. I know that from myself, sometimes my mind wanders off to the weekend, my bed, and other more fun things. But in the end I didn't get what was written, not even in the slightest. 
Try to concentrate and focus --> make yourself interested. And you will find out that maybe after reading it once or twice you already got it!

7. Get your work done right away
Last year I made this mistake. It wasn't good and I regret it. I had an assignment which I had to end in before my internship. Meaning I had 3/4 of the year to write it. Lazy me, I left it to the last week. I had to take a whole week of school to write the assignment, missed all the stuff and was so stressed about getting it done. 
This year I want to actually come home and start my homework, write my year assignment in my next holidays and revise more often. 

8. Help teach others
Study groups are awesome! If you explain things to others it also helps you to understand and revise. As simple as that. You get half you studying done then and there. Maybe your friends motivate you as well, help you if you don't know how to find a solution to a maths problem and so on. Also you surround yourself with positiv people that have the same aim as you and want the same things. You have some social time after and feel better.
I have an english study group this year for the oral exam. We meet weekly and study together, get to know each other better and have a fun time as well. It's only positiv for as long as you surround yourself with the right people.

9.Time management
Don't over work yourself. So far I always said you school is very important but so are you! A planner here helps a lot. I do mine weekly. I write down all my classes and homework, daily life tasks but also plan in some "Me-Time". This is so important to recharge and do the things that fall behind. Have a bath, do your nails, read a good book or watch that movie or TV- Show. This allows your mind to let go of the stress and you can start freshly again.

10. Speak up in class
You can choose to draw in class or talk to your neighbour and so on but I find it helps if you interact with the teacher, think, answer to their questions because then your brain is already processing all the information you've been reached. Maybe you understand right away and remember quicker. Also it will you do good for the grade you get for how you behave in class.

11. No electronic in class
Media rules our world but I found out people will answer even if you answer them an hour later. The world won't go down and you will survive if you leave your phone on silent in your back and check it in your break or so. It helps you stay focussed. 

12.Acutally do the work
I kind of mentioned it before. Do not copy work of others. Two reasons: it could be wrong and so you learn the wrong things (saying that you revise that). Or you do not learn at all because the process of getting the solution has been left out. 
Also it feels much better to let others copy (if you chose to let them) than be the needy one, right? 

13. Know your limits
Rather don't take any extra tasks up on your shoulders if you are already struggling. It's going to be so stressful and hard on you. Eventually you will just collapse and get nothing done or just half of it. 
Have the work done you have to do first. If you then have time and lust to do extras, do them! 

14. Individual study plans
Having routines help me a lot. I manage my time and it's always the same for me because this works, I won't get confused about my tasks and it's reliable. 
My plan looks like this: 
- School in the morning till midday/ afternoon
- home after that and have a lunch and an hour nap (! not more and I have an alarm set for that as well!)
- going to feed my pets and get some errands done like grocery shopping, meeting a friend or so.
- homework and dinner for as long as it takes me but I will start at 6pm at the latest.
- plan my next day, meaning I write a to do list for the following day and pack my bag, food, etc .. 
- Me- time: I do my nails, shower, get ready, read or watch a movie and go to bed at 10- 11 pm.

15. Enjoy
You simply have to enjoy life. Try to see the glas half full. Be glad you get an education and get to see your friends everyday in school. They support you, you laugh, have a fun time, a social life. See the positive, life could be so much worse. 
If you being a more positive person and the best version of yourself life will seem easier. Trust me, I had to find out the hard way!

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful. I did. Maybe you can give me advise to? What are you daily routines? 
Comment below or write a mail, I am always happy to hear from you.

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