What I Ate Today + Homemade Vegan Energy Bites

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to another of my foodvlogs. I can tell you that I rebelled this week and changed my usual porridge breakfa...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to another of my foodvlogs. I can tell you that I rebelled this week and changed my usual porridge breakfast and had a proper fruit salad with fruits I don't usually use. But it did not kill me, it was a great change and so colourful and lovely. All this indian summer colours that I love inspire me to make my food looking just like it! But see all for yourself!

Oh and a little side note! This time I thought I might also post what my mother ate because we spend the day together and she improved so much in her photo and vegan skills as well that I don't want to leave her out. She actually only had a different breakfast and lunch, the other meals we shared as well.


Fruit Plate:
with an orange, kiwi, grapes, grapefruit, banana and pomegranate.

Mum's breakfast: 
A big bowl of old fashioned organic müsli/ oats ( made that for her!) and some pineapple
And a slice of bread with self made avocado butter. I am so proud of her!

Snack Two 

Chocolate Vegan Energy Bites Recipe 

This is a very quick recipe with only 5 ingredients from scratch ! I eat 2-3 every day and they do give me the power and energy I so desperately need for the afternoons at the moment. Plus they kill my chocolate cravings and they look really cute.

85g of oats
50g coconut 
200g unsweetened peanut butter 
cocoa powder
diet berries if and as needed (I had cranberries)

Put everything in a bowl and mix and form little balls. This mixture makes about 21 bites.
Now put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour! 
Done. Enjoy. 

Fantsy Pantsy Fruit Salad
Orange, Kiwi, Grapefruit, Grapes and some Pomegranate

Vegetable Bowl: 
Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts with some soy sauce

Snack Two

Little Vegetable Munchies Bowl
half a cucumber and some Tomato


Huge Spinach Salad Bowl:
My mother and I each had one of it and it was just so delicious! We used everything from her leftover vegetables in the refrigerator and threw it together. I love making up something from scratch, it always turns out well.
Spinach leaves, cucumber, lettuce mix with carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and we shared smoked tofu  as well. Topped with some lime juice, we were ready to go. 

I hope you enjoyed and if you want me to film a what I eat in the day, tell me so in the comments please, thank you! 

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