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Hello Everyone!  I wanted to do this post in ages but really, time issues always get the better of me. It's even gotten to the point ...

Hello Everyone! 

I wanted to do this post in ages but really, time issues always get the better of me. It's even gotten to the point that I watch movies, listen to audio books while doing homework or anything else. I barely don't have time to dimly just sit down and chill.
But I think it's all about the how you do it. I found a way and now I even got around to write about them. 
This post is just a little recommendation of movies and books I enjoyed in the last three months and believe people should read and watch.



So there are four movies I particularly enjoyed watching a lot. One of them just cam out which is "Experience never gets old" I watched it just last sunday and I loved it. It was a funny yet truthful movie which main topic is about love and trust. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro both play heavenly in my opinion and there is a real connection that touches the viewer.

"Longest Ride", I read the book which meant that I had to watch the movie. The book was a great one, I adored it and I smiled and cried and it was wonderful. So I did not have that many great expectation about the movie. However, they somehow made it to base the story on the book but made it its own movie as well. It's mainly based on the book and some scenes are cut together but the context and important details do not get lost which is why I loved it. The story is just wonderful! 

"Stil Alice" is a drama movie. It deals wight the serious topic of Alzheimers decease and I am always for those movies because they show real existing struggles of life which is important because we seem to block them out of our mind and act surprised if we might get it as well. However, Moore plays wonderful and she deserved the Oscar for this role. I like that the movie shows all the details and we get to know the desease the way it it with all it's ugly stages. I am thinking about giving this to my mother as she loves those movies as well.

"Cinderella" I believe I do not have much to tell you about this. The movie is based on the Disney version and wonderful, magical and a proper family movie. I love it because it makes me feel like the 5 year old girl I once was with no concerns and troubles believing in my prince that would come someday. Very well played by all the actors and very cute! 

Audio Book

I am not a slow reader. i am a passionate one but I literally do not have time with school and life. So I have found a way here as well to still get my fair share of literature in my life that I so strive for. Audio books. I listen to them as much as I can, while working out, cooking, meal prepping, homework, getting ready, etc.. So now, I will share some of the books I listened to and find great.

"Grey" is the male version of 50 Shades of Grey where Christian tells the story from his side and I find it even more shameful (if old people knew what I listened to.. :D ) But it's great because you get to know more about his mysterious character, his thinking, feeling. It's great.

Another book from Lucinda Riley as she is my favorite author. "The Seven Sisters" is a seven book range all coming out in the rolling years, this is book one, "Storm Sisters" is going to be released in november this year. It's based on the greek mystery of the seven sister (stars) and each books deals with the lives story of the characters that are adopted sisters. 
The book is build like all her others, the character gets to know about the past throughout the story of some mysterious family member they find. This book takes the reader to brazil.

"Always the Bridesmaid" by Lindsey Kelk is a very, very funny comedy book I enjoy listening to when cooking. The way she puts together the words in this funny context is worth dying for. I laughed very much. It is a romantic fiction novel and a lovely one for that. It is considered to be her best book just yet and I think it is as I read all her others as well. It's about a girl struggling her love life and job life whilst organizing her best friends wedding. Lovely story.

"Er is wieder da" translated to "He's back" is a satire novel by a german author. It critics today political happenings by comparing it to the old regime of "Hitlers" time in a very, very funny way. This is all I am going to say about it because if you are interested in it you will pick it up. The movie is coming out next week, I am going to watch it and I love it because there is some truth about it. Plus it's funny. I gave it birthday presents to almost everyone in the last two years and people found it great as well. 

This does not mean that I am a "Nazi" or what so ever. It describes a current political situation that is just not okay and will end terribly if there is not something happening. Anyways, if you want to, read it and be enlightened if not, not. 

I hope you will pick something up of my recommendations and that you liked the post! 

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