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As I said the other day I had to buy a Prom dress for my best friends Prom as I was his date. So I went on ASOS to find a nice little dress...

As I said the other day I had to buy a Prom dress for my best friends Prom as I was his date. So I went on ASOS to find a nice little dress. I didn't want a long gown as it wasn't my Prom as well as I didn't want to steal the "spotlight" from the girls.
So I went with a short dress, perfect to dance with yet appropriately formal. I liked it and it was me. I felt comfortable.
But the actual thing that made me buy it was that asI looked first it was on for 80 something Euros, a day after is was on the summer sale and went down to 15 Euros. People I had to buy it! It was calling me.
And this is the beautiful dress. I bought it in a XS but it was really big it kept on slipping down so i believe it falls bigger because usually the XS almost fits and isn't literally slipping down on me.

I also bought the other dress which is going to be either my outfit for Wednesday on school or for the soccer game on monday. I have to think about it. It has an open back so if you don't wear a jacket it can be really sexy for going out but since it is so colourful you could wear a little black jacket and you look elegant and interesting to people. I really like it because of the colours. It's baggy on the storage and gets tighter on the leg/ hip area. It also is a XS and cost about 16-20 Euros also on sale.

Yes going on to shoes. I never had white shoes in my life. Which actually is because I never had so many white clothes but this year I have so many colourful and white things and I cannot wait until I can wear this because I am in love with florals so so so very much. 
They are a size 6 and went from 55 to 35 Euros so definitely worth it for me. 

And now, this is from H&M and I was wondering when it finally was going to come but today has been the day. I ordered it ages ago like in march or something this is why I am also unexceptionally late to the party. It is a high waited jeans short in a used look. I got so excited because now I can finally wear all my shirts with it. It's definitely going to become my favourite item of this summer. 
It's a size 32 and cost about 25 Euros on H&M 

And last but not least I picked up a statement necklace. I thought I was going to wear it with the dress to prom but the gold didn't match yet for 9 Euros I will keep it and use it all the time because also I fall in love with this one. It's also from ASOS. 
I really like statement necklaces because there is no other jewelry needed and they come in such lovely and many forms and ideas. 

I hoped you liked it and I didn't want to show off. I only wanted to also show the shop pen result as I myself really enjoy watching and reading them. One never knows what one can find. 

See you all really soon XXX C

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