Bathroom Tour Part Two- Pomegranate and Cranberry

Hello lovely readers. Todays post features my body wash collection. It's nothing out of the ordinary but I really like the sent and and...

Hello lovely readers. Todays post features my body wash collection. It's nothing out of the ordinary but I really like the sent and and it looks really pretty standing there so I thought I could just post about it.

This is it and I actually stumbled over it a couple of months ago as I was just looking for a peeling mask actually. It is a limited collection yes but they always have new ones with different smells. I actually just couldn't decide what to take because all of them smelled just as good. So as summer was arriving back then I took the Cranberry& pomegranate sent. The Collectioin is from "BodySoul Wellness" Really not expensive at all I believe you can get the whole collection under 20 Euros if not under 15 Euros. 

As you can see in the photo I got the body butter (in the middle) and the body lotion. I use the lotion daily after the morning shower and it makes my skin really soft and moisture and it smell ohhh so good. The body butter I use after shaving my legs that it gets fat as well as more moisture to heal faster and it works pretty good as I tend to get a lot of spots on m legs from shaving. It's not optimal but it does it for now and as I said it smells really good.

I then got the Shower gel which is on the very right of the picture. I use it daily and it is good, nothing special just does the works. Every now and then when I have a little spa bath I use the shower peeling. And this I really like as it gets my blood regulation back on track when I put it on. Maybe it's just me but I feel like this goes in deeper into my skin and I feel so much lighter and so free after I use it. 

In the end I also got the bubble bath. I love bubbles and they help me relax when having a bath. What can I say I dimly love the bubbles :D 

And at last I have my body spray which usually stands in my locker because I use it especially on long school days to freshen up a little, smell nice again and not feel so bad in general. I'd buy every woman or girl one if I had all the money because everybody needs it. It pretty much essential or to me it is. I love it, this is definitely my favourite out of the whole edition.

All in all it's really fresh and light, perfect for the summer months right now. As it gets autumn and winter they also have some collection available (for every season) right now it's all really fruity but last week I saw an apple& cinnamon collection which I will try in September. But I would say all the products do really good and are definitely worth the money, you can not do anything wrong by spending 20 bucks on a whole bath collection I think. 

You can buy the products here.

As always I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you have/ had a wonderful day, wherever you might be. Lots of love XXX C 

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