Shoe And Handbag Love

Hello peoples. I am so sorry and I feel so bad for not posting. Apparently my journey exhausted me so much I just couldn't do anything....

Hello peoples. I am so sorry and I feel so bad for not posting. Apparently my journey exhausted me so much I just couldn't do anything. I was laying around all day doing pretty much nothing but reading and sleeping, etc.. I am so sorry..
But good news! I was shopping loads and I am so excited to show you over the next couple of days. 

I want to start with the most exciting thing which is my outlet haul. All of the items I bought are half price off. I won't name the prices now because I think they were still pretty high and I don't want to show off.. you know. 

So we went to the MARC by Walking outlet store near Hannover. All the items are from a brand called "Bulacci". I personally haven't heard of it but one never stops learning right?! 
I gotta say some of the things in the store weren't for zinger people which also is a plus because even women as well as men every age would be able to find at least something and if its socks (which I also bought, two fluffy once in white and grey, not shown though- because they're socks..) 

As I went in there I was overwhelmed by everything. It was the same feeling you get when walking into primark because it's a lot to take in. I was walking my round and spotted a few things I liked but I just couldn't decide. So I went back to the start thinking I need a handbag first before deciding on the shoes. And I found on in a colour I didn't have yet but weirdly it's my favorite colour. Anyways as soon as I had chosen that handbag (below) I was ready to find shoes.

I thought to myself why not get out of the comfortable black zone and be colourful this autumn and spring. Be more than "just" black, a shadow of yourself. Following this thought I bought a blue pair of ankle boots because obviously, if seen my wardrobe, I am obsessed with blue in every shade and this pair works perfectly with one of my bags.

Next I thought I needed something comfortable for rainy autumn days and saw these. 
They are really good and fit my feet nicely. I don't think they will give me blisters as the other pair I own. Also they seem a lot bigger like I almost look like a clown or something but then I don't?! 
I like them anyways. They are in a reddish or copper brown colour. I also have a similar coloured bag which I can use when wearing them.

And for this pair I am so excited to wear in public. I only have another pair of Pumps (in rosé) and for some reason they fit like an ass fits on the a bucket (excuse expression) I had to get them in a 5,5, normally I am a size 6 in shoes but for these- not so much. 

Here the are again from the front. The heel isn't as tall as all my other heels and boots, etc but still a good hight I think. 
They are a mixture of golden/ orange autumn leaves colour and they go really good with all my blue items in my closet. I think I'll wear them a lot in (indian)- summer. 

My mother also got a couple things which will be in a separate post. 
All together I am really happy and excited to wear them all. In my head I am already planning all the new outfits and how to combine them. I think with all the items in these bright, eye catching colours I can still wear my black and just accessorize with "crazy" shoes, bags and jewelry. I am really looking forward to this. 

I hope I was able to inspire some of you and help decide on weather to by that pink or yellow ... pair of shoes or not. 

Have a lovely day you guys. 


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