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Hello Everyone! I am back with the outfits I wore in my first two weeks of school. I really enjoyed school, partly I loved the pr...

Hello Everyone!

I am back with the outfits I wore in my first two weeks of school. I really enjoyed school, partly I loved the preparing for the next day, doing my homework, food prep, pack my back and lay out my outfits and accessories. This helped me so much to actually structure and I have fun doing it. Also I have been shopping a lot in my holidays so I was very excited to wear all the lovely clothes.

Monday: 31.8.15

I was really excited to wear this dress because I really liked the green brown leo print. It is a very nice elegant day dress, comfortable and modern. I simply love it!
Dress: Mango
Back: Mango
Shoes: H&M 
Necklace: H&M

Thuesday: 1.9.15

I had lost my basic blue loose dress so as I found a newer version for 20€ I had to pick it up. I simply love the combination of the plain royal blue and the extravagant leo cardigan.
The whole outfit is from H&M

Wednesday: 2.9.15

This outfit absolutely is one of the best. The stricter burgundy voland blouse and the baggy silk pants make it cool and easy as well as elegant and you'd look like a a hip business lady.
Whole outfit is from H&M

Thursday: 3.9.15

This outfit reminded me so much of my time riding horseback. I would wear similar things and I felt so comfortable wearing it, classy, sporty and easy. It was a great outfit for a long 12 hour day.
Vest, bag, sweatshirt: H&M 
Jeans: Mango 
Shoes: Seaside

Next week.

Tuesday: 8.9.15

I fell back in love with red/ burgundy/ violet this week. So I chose a nice combination of a couple of basic items in my closet and threw it all together. A plain volant skirt, grey shirt and a nice cardigan. Because it had gotten quit cold I wore my new light floral scarf with red leaves.

Shirt, bag, shoes,scarf and cardigan from H&M
Skirt: Mango

Wednesday: 9.9.15

So even Wednesday I was wanted some red centre piece so next to a creamy cardigan and a sleeveless turtle neck top I wore a wrapped lace pen skirt which was very elegant and I felt quite like a lady.

Cardigan: Zara
All the rest of the outfit is H&M

Thursday: 10.9.15

Ohh another one of my most favorite items of my shopping haul! A dark green floral dress. I was saving it for a day where I felt really really good and this was the day. I really love the combination of green and white, I find it somewhat vitalizing.
The dress is from Mango and the cardigan from H&M.
The earrings I bought last year at Bijou Brigitte.

Friday: 11.9.15

Because I was freezing the last days I chose a cosy khaki fur jumper and my beloved ripped jeans. I loved the combination and it seemed to look rather rock girlish. I got some nice complements in school as well which made me happy.
Jumper, Jewelry, bag and shoes: H&M 
Jeans: Mango

I hope you liked the outfits, which one did you like most and what did you wear at your first day in school? 

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