DIY- Scrapbooking Against Boredom

Hello lovelies, today I have something rather practically prepared for you, something I enjoy doing, something I do not have much time ...

Hello lovelies,

today I have something rather practically prepared for you, something I enjoy doing, something I do not have much time to do unfortunately. This is also why it has taken me so long to actually write this post.
For me it has started a couple of weeks ago, actually 4 weeks ago as school started. I was watching videos on youtube and there was one video that has caught my attention a lot. 
Making you school books look more fun and individual. To me they make my lessons brighter, keep me going and proud as well. It's like you have your own little, personal relationship with it because you have put so much effort and energy in it, spend more time with it. Silly I know but this is what keeps me going through a day- little things. 

This has been my first book and it's almost full already but I love it as if it was my first born. I simply copied some photos from tumblr and printed them out, glued them together on a blank piece of paper in my desired design. I also left some space, so I was able to write and draw some things like the big fat smiley that is supposed to symbolize a "happy me". On the sides I put some washi tape which I have not a lot from now... (Hi, I am a shopaholic) This kind I got from Ikea but actually you can get all kinds of washi tape in your local one dollar shop or even Amazon! 

Then the photo on the very right is my second book now which I finished on monday. I printed out a mandala which I found on google and coloured it out. This colours are my autumn colours as they symbolize the indian summer, my favorite season, to me. Then because I had some more space on the sides I simply used my gold, silver and copper eddings and drew along the designs and added some flowers too. I am just so happy about it and so many people from school have actually complimented me on this one which makes me even more happy and I always grow a couple of centimeters :D

And now I quickly want to talk about my Filofax. As you know I bought the calendar 3 weeks ago and since then I sit down every sunday to plan my week, make it colourful and playful to stay organized and focussed. Literally everything is in on place and I am always so proud of me seeing the before and after. In the middle you can see my before and on the left is my after. I like it when I know I have a full week it makes me feel productive and I don't really get bored. For this week you might see that orange are my lessons/ periods I have, yellow is what I need to do or want to do. Purple is homework time and blue is what I want to write about on this blog. Green also is something I look forward to.
The sides I decorated with washi tape again and on the free spots I put some stickers. I think they look really cute.

Yes scrapbooking, I find it's a wonderful thing to do in my free time because I can get creative and
be just for me once in a while. I do enjoy it and it's calming.
In the very near future which will be the next couple of weekends I want to scrapbook a calendar for my mother and best friend from our past year for the coming year. I am really excited for that and also it's a wonderful, personal and sentimental present because it's self- made, there's a lot of effort put in which makes people value the present more than something bought.

You can watch the videos from Aspyn here . Simply scroll through her videos and you will find the video I got the ideas from and a lot of more thing you can do your self as well as beauty related videos and other fun stuff to watch!

Alright people, what did you think of it? And how do you spend your free time? Are you more creative and introverted like me or are you more of an outdoorsy person and do loads of active sport related things?

Have a great day!


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