OOTD 13.10.14 + Movie Review

Hello everyone, The week has begun and for me its my last week before my autumn holidays.  Today I wore one of my favorite outfits,...

Hello everyone,

The week has begun and for me its my last week before my autumn holidays. 
Today I wore one of my favorite outfits, I always grab to it when I feel just completely good about myself. 
I wore a grey v-neck jumper and a fur vest from H&M and a dark grey shorts I bought in Portugal a couple years back- Lovely fall outfit. 

But this is not all for today. In the last week I watched a lot of movies, which I want to introduce to you as well. As you know I love my movies. 
Alright I found this movie last week on the Itunes new movie list and it's a lovely french comedy. French movies for me mean that there is always a little bit more than other countries movies have, they have this certain french flair in them and this is why I always end up watching them. 
This movie though has more characteristics of an american comedy. 
It's calles Paris tout á prix and is about a marocain fashionista living in Paris and who is about to start working for a huge fashion brand as a designer. 
One day though she gets caught in traffic and finds out that she has no valid visa and sent back to Marocco. The story now is about reconnecting with her family whilst finding a solution to the families conflict, finding a way to get back to Paris legally and get a fantastic dress to take a further step to becoming an successful designer on her own. 

The movie has it's funny parts for sure and I had some little laughs but as you think further there is some deeper meaning behind it which is the importance of family. Something that gets behind a lot in our modernized world with everyone choosing work and the carrier before family and love. 
It also makes you think about moral values in general as you get to think about how to treat people the right way, what they deserve and what they don't, sometimes even if it's right how they react and why they do what they do. 
All really interesting subjects to think and talk about in a lovely little comedy. How great?! 

I would recommend that movie, if you can find it in your language, to everyone who has a free evening and wants to have a little laugh and loves fashion. As I said I really liked it and would watch it again for your. 

I hope you liked my outfit and that I could give you a good hint into a movie you might want to watch now. Also I hope you all had a great start in the week! 


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