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Hello beautiful people. I decided I want to shop less and have more dreams instead. No actually I want to save money as it was on my list ...

Hello beautiful people.

I decided I want to shop less and have more dreams instead. No actually I want to save money as it was on my list of things I want to do this year. I almost completed it and saving money was one of it. I got myself two jobs and yes.
And as I can't shop as much as I want to I found myself looking a lot at the online pages. Just Looking. And I have quite a lot of things I want to buy but can't so I decided to write a post about them. To put me more in my misery. Haha no, actually to show you what I would buy if I wanted to.
And here we go:

This is a very lovely scarf I found. I am in love with scarf this season, I never ever leave the house without one lately as they are just such a simple accessoire to have and keep me warm as well. I just cannot have enough of them! 

This is a headband which I though would be lovely to play with as I am not really a head or beanie person. It may also not ruin the hair as well. 

Gloves are just essentials to me because if the temperature goes under 15 degrees I will loose my fingers for real. They go all white and blue and almost purple and I can't feel them anymore. It's weird I know but for me a reason to buy new once every year. Also I keep loosing them, I think I never had a pair that I owned for longer than 2 weeks.. 

Another scarf, but this one because it belongs to the head band and the gloves so we might as well buy this one too, right? 

This beanie I would buy for days when it's rainy and or snowy to not mess up my hair even more. I probably would wear it with curls and keep it on my head all day, not take it off. But it also is the same collection as the other accessiores. 

These Pumps I am in love with! I can't say why but the form and style remind me of shoes the royals wore in the 17th century just higher and I idealize that time of baroque. They are leather ones and I think for autumn they are fantastic. But one might watch out for leaves and not to slip and fall over. I can imagine that even having those shoes on you does not look good when falling. 

They are some fancy pantsy girlfriend jeans with little diamonds on them. How amazing is that? You will sparkle in the rain and look cool at the same time. I recently have fallen in love with Mum- jeans as they are the comfiest ever and still give you the idea of a shape and I think these pair of jeans would find their right place in my overloaded jeans draw! 

Going on to jackets. I find autumn and winter are the seasons to embrace all the jackets you have and as Indian Summer passes you will find the chance to change jackets every day probably. This big coat has my favorite colour. A leafy green and  I quite like the shape of it because it seems to be like a coat you stole of you boyfriend to keep warm. It seems just really nice to me.

This is half cardigan, half jacket and I am serious with you when I say if this is still available when the winter sale is on, I am going to buy it. As the Girlfriend jeans it sparkles because of little diamonds hidden in the fabric. I also find this beige tone is perfect to wear with wine read and green, two colours I am going crazy for at the moment. 
Only thing I'd be worried though is that the diamonds would fall off when it's washed..

And at last this bomber jacket. I am not a huge fan of them and only have one other pair but I think you can play with them a lot and wear lots of fun accessories with it like big colourful scarfs and gloves and you seem kind of unshaped ad bulky but if you take it off you can shine and stun with a very lady like outfit underneath. There is something about them and maybe we will become friends after all.

Yes this is what I would have bought so far if I didn't decide to save my money. I see the whole thing with a happy eye, which sees the possibility to get things I also want and need and save money for education, to keep a good lifestyle. But I also look at this list with an upset eye as I really want these items! 
Anyways, I believe it's a really good thing to still have dreams in our prioritized world and I think life would not be worth living if we didn't have them.

I wish you all a wonderful sunday evening XXX C

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