Where Do I See Myself In 5 Years Time - Life Ramble

Hello everyone.   I found myself thinking about a bit of a serious Topic lately. Last week I was talking to a friend who asked me so...

Hello everyone.
I found myself thinking about a bit of a serious Topic lately.

Last week I was talking to a friend who asked me some good questions. "Where do I see myself in 5 years and "what do I want/ What is my aim in life"
I have heard this question a lot of times in School but never took it serious enough. Until now.

I'd like to answer These question for you now as well as for me. To simply write it down for once.

Where do I see myself in 5 years: I want to be in University and study public relation. I want to be alive (this sounds quite not so smart but it is important for me)

What is my aim in life: What I want is to Keep my Level of living of course. I want to have a Family and be able to take care of them in an appropriate manner. I also want to live a happy and healthy life having Family and closest friends aside. Lastly I want to have a Job and enjoy doing that.

I think if one is able to answer These questions and is sure of the answer with heart aand Soul, one gets an idea of what to do next and what to work towards to.
I for myself found These two simple questions so important and I am so happy to know my answers to them because now I have a path. Everything else, stressing about School gets not unimportant but seem to get easier to overcome.

With knowing that I can now Focus on the Moment. I believe it is also very important to not get stucked on one Thing (which is something I tend to do).
I find traditions help. Every saturday for example I meet my best friend for a coffee or a dinner and it is the time we Forget about everything and just be us. Every sunday I have a pamper night, to prepare myself for the School week ahead. I use the week end to really calm down and try to Forget about homework, my future and exams. All this remind myself that I Need to live in the Moment and not only prearrange my future life.

Summing up I want to continue writing, socialize with People and organize and plan which is why I think working in PR will be a good choice for me. I also want to make my own Money and be able to care for myself the way my Mother still does now as well as for a Family I hopefully be lucky enough to have, Most importantly though I want to be happy which means enjoy living and wake up with a good Feeling in the morning apreciating life.

I hope could encourage some of you Readers as well as I find it helpful and important to know for yourself which path you want to go and how you want to live the precious life that we have been given.
What I am interested in is what your answers to These questions are! If you want to share them with me I would be more than happy if you wrote to me!

I wish all of you a lovely day. XXX C

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