Top 5 Spring Hairstyles!

Hello Everyone!  So here's a post I have been wanting to write for a very long time and did a fair bit of research on as well. I wi...

Hello Everyone! 
So here's a post I have been wanting to write for a very long time and did a fair bit of research on as well.
I will introduce 5 Top hairstyles for the upcoming spring season to you and for some I did my own part trying them out as well.
I wish you all a lot of fun reading and looking!

Boho- Waves: 
First hairstyle and the most fantastic in my eyes. I am a fan of open, natural looking hair. It also has a chilly affect and something boyish if you like but also girly. I absolutely love it and am jealous of my sister who has actual natural boho- waves. Simple and carefree.

Long Tails
If either up for a more serious looking look or down for the cooler and looser version. Long pony tails are absolutely in trend next season. I favor the looser version at the moment because it's super quick, easy yet stylish and elegant. Something for a girl at the age of 20- something. Also a plus is that you have so many versions of wearing them! 

Braids & Twists
Of cours we also get a bit more creative than with the lazy hair styles. Here is something for all the women who love the get their energy out on there hair. Braids and twists are very well seen this season. If french, dutch, chinese. Up or down, side braids, whatever. You can get all creative and arty on your hair.
Here are a few I came up with: 


1. Dutch            2. fish tail            3. Zick- zack

1. mega zick- zack                        2. I name it drunken swirl


Yaay, this is a hairstyle of my kind of taste! Again we can still have our buns. They seem never to get out of style and always seem to fit in whatever you do. If you do the clean option of a cut or the loose, messy version. What is new though is that they do not have to look perfect or wanted imperfect. It simply is enough to just undo them when you wash your face in the morning. Done, and I am loving it.

Here one of my hairstyles. A needer one with some excitement. Very elegant I think.

Out Of The Water
A hairstyle that is not my piece of the cake but still seen a lot on the runways. Seeing it from the positive side, of your running late and still need to have a shower, you can come looking like this, saying it is wanted (nobody will ever know you weren't able to blow dry your hair)

Bombshell Blow- Out
Even though I think that none of us needs to put much work into this one, because we are al bombshells already, aren't we? Anyways, if it's a 60- yes or 90- yes blow- out. Immediate associations to me are Marylyn Monroe or Heide Klum. This is what we are looking for. 

Mixed Material
Something I adore! I am just going to name a few items you can put into your hair: head bands, flowers, bands, pins with pearls on them or feathers. Anything you find really, girls just put it in your hair. Make it stand out, play a little. Don't forget that crunchies are having a comeback, so be sure to get on of those bad guys as well and - put it in your hair!

I really hope I could give a bit of inspiration or hair style ideas. I had a lot of fun trying out some of the braids and enlighten my knowledge of hairstyles. Have a lovely day! 

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