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Hello Everyone!  Autumn, autumn, how have all us autumn lovers longed for you to arrive! Speaking from my point of view I was desperate a...

Hello Everyone! 

Autumn, autumn, how have all us autumn lovers longed for you to arrive! Speaking from my point of view I was desperate all summer because personally I think autumn is the best time of the year to wear fashion. One is able to combine last summer pieces with thicker tights, the big jumpers and cosy  wooly scarfs. I love you feel comfortable in my clothes and snuggling in them is a must. 

Two weeks ago I decided that it was time to change the rack for the seasons. I was a little bit unmotivated at first because I knew what awaited me and it wasn't just a tiny amount. Over SS15 my rack was rather messy but with my new re- found organized side I was in need to sort things out I knew I wouldn't wear for the next six month and put my fall fashion in a colour organized and clean manner on my rack.
Today I want to share my process and end result which I am very happy with with you. I hope you like it and enjoy! 

Summer aftermath

This is how the rack looked like. Messy, unorganized, think cardigans, dresses, slippers and sandals and tops as well as some fall pieces I collected from my closet at my mothers house already. 
Summing up: a little mess I did not feel happy about.
On the bottom there was even more freshly washed clothes from the last three weeks of my of school in early September. *facepalm edited here* 

The Throwing Clothes Off The Rack Step

Not knowing where to start I started with the pieces I didn't think I'd wear any time soon and have worn over the summer as well as everything considered too thin in my opinion. 
The rack looked so empty. I threw the summer shoes in the not needed pile as well. 
After I went through the washed clothes, did the same and put the things I liked on he rack and drawers which is decluttered as well. 

The End Result

 I have now all my fall and winter items here in one line which makes picking outfits so much easier! I organized them from dresses to blouses so cardigans and jumpers on the left rack, second rack contains vests and jackets all ordered from white to darker colours ending with black. Also in my drawers I ordered the piles of tops and shirts in colour like white, black and coloured, threw out summer shorts only keeping the ones for fall, same with pants, jeans and skirts.
Writing this now makes the feeling of that day come back. Hell yea! 
This is the first time I ever did it. The years before were totally different, I didn't even bother to get rid of summer stuff and it was all hanging in one closet making it impossible to recognize the single pieces. 
I know now what I have and picking outfits is done in a matter of minutes.

Picking The Outfits

Right after I was finished with the changing process I was so inspired to pick my outfits, it was done in 10 minutes and I even had more ideas because I saw pieces of clothes I forgot about, blame on me and the materialized world. I was even so overwhelmed by the "storing" that I am no longer in need to shop I feel. And I think with this, my wallet will be very pleased.

I am very sorry for the bad quality pictures but this process took me about 3-4 hours and I started at 5 pm and finished around 9 pm so it was dark and my lightning is rather bad still. 
However, I was so proud of myself that I couldn't wait for sunlight to take photos and share them. 

How and when did you change the clothes from summer to fall/ winter? 

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