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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to another What I ate post. I seriously get more and more creative. I like that a lot. My family too as I slowly...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to another What I ate post. I seriously get more and more creative. I like that a lot. My family too as I slowly but surely am able to amaze them into veganism. I don't do that intentionally but when I cook it's vegan. It's their choice to try it or not. They all do though. However, lets get into the post.


I had a little prepared fruit boy of some last organic blackberries, a small apple from our apple tree and some grapes.

Snack One

I am very curious to find out some new things in the ever expanding vegan world. I bought a whole stash of vegan bars to compare and find out the taste. I started with this yellow Roo' bar. 
I will write a separate post on the bars once I had a try of all of them and am better informed. As of now I liked this one a lot.


This is another part of a project I am "working" on. I also compare vegan substitutes to one another to be able to review them and give my opinion on them. 
I can say one thing so far. Since turning raw- I can taste the unhealthy amount of salt in almost every produced product to my very dislike. 
How ever this was lovely. I had it with a vegan croissant from the vegan bakery and some vegan butter and liked it. 

Snack Two

My lovely pumpkin pie. I only had a couple bites. It is so rich in its nature that those bites are very much enough and filling for a snack. You can find the recipe here. I loved it and as I said in a previous post. I am so proud of baking something from my very first pumpkin! :)

In between I also sipped on some natural flavored citrus mint water that I found in the grocery store. I always forget to mention what I drink, but I drink a lot. 3-4 litres a day to keep me going. Don't forget to drink my lovelies!


For dinner my sister wanted to buy french fries. Now here the story. We were grocery shopping and she was holding the packet of frozen produced fries (just explaining, not judging) and I cringed. Those are not good for you I said, especially for your skin as it'll worsen the pimples she is suffering from. She asked what to do since she craved fries and I said lets make them ourselves the healthy way. Also I explained the process of pre- packed foods. Especially fast food. She is very open towards the natural organic way of living and was excited to make her own fries. 

Here is how we prepared them:

I also bought normal and sweet potatoes to show her the difference. We sliced them (left the skin on) and put them on our lined baking sheet. Pre- heated the often to 150 dregrees C and before putting them on we seasoned them with dribbles of olive oil, a little bit of sea salt. She doesn't like much more seasoning on anything so we left it. I would have used some pepper seasoning as well. Then put the fries in the often for 20 minutes. Done. 

And she loved them She said they were so much better than she thought and liked them more than produced store versions.
Now it's your turn to make your opinion.

Until next time! 

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