My Patchwork Pillows

Hello Everyone! A couple of months ago I got the idea of making a patchwork presents. I am always looking for something handmade, persona...

Hello Everyone!

A couple of months ago I got the idea of making a patchwork presents. I am always looking for something handmade, personal and useful. Something that allows me to get creative and lets me forget the hard side of life. In the end I put in all my heart and soul and this is what people value most.
So this year I made pillows for the most important people in my life!

I made two similar ones for my mother and her boyfriend (the plain rainbow coloured ones) We actually have the tradition on Christmas that we (even though we live in Germany, we celebrate the UK way. With socks. The difference is that the UK gets their presents on the 25th in socks. In Germany children get their presents on the 24th which are brought by Santa personally or lie under the Christmas tree.) However, we have a mix. On the 24th everyone puts a certain present under the Christmas tree for a certain person of the family that is chosen beforehand. The present belongs to a chosen category as well. This year we had the topic bedroom utensils/ blankets. This got me to the idea to make patchwork blankets. Meaning that I had to get a sewing machine, fabric, and learn how to sew. Long story short, I bought a cuddly blanket and decided to make pillows for everyone instead as a main present for the 25th.

Learning how to sew wasn't that hard. There are many many videos online (YT) that show you step by step. I believe though the most important thing is that one shouldn't be scared. Just sew a long! The time I needed for each pillow got shorter and shorter! For the first one I needed almost a day. The last one required me 3,5 hours and had no mistakes in it.


For a patchwork pillow you have to design the layout of your pillow first (photo on the left) You than continue to sew each piece together, lone by line. (Middle) You have to put the surface onto the other surface so that both undersurfaces are looking at you. Sew them together on one side. The next step is that you sew together each line after the same principe. 

Lastly, you sew on the back side as well. 

For the whole concept I post you a video again because learning by actually seeing is working better than just reading.

Now this are the pillows I have for my Mothers boyfriend. My mother got a similar one with the colours in different places. I chose the colours because they said to me they don't want a grey piece because it's rather triste. He couldn't tell me a certain colour though because he is so indecisive but mentioned his favorite colour blue. After that I decided for him that he'll get a colourful one which equals the rainbow.

This is the pillow for my stepdad. :) 

And this is for my best friend. It's a berry colour which fits perfectly in her apartment. 

All the pillows together whilst one was still in work. I am finished with all of them now. My sister got a blue one.

I hope you liked it!
What do you give your family for Christmas this year? 

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