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In my days after last weeks journey, as I said, everything I could do was trying not to think so much.  And the easiest way to do that is ...

In my days after last weeks journey, as I said, everything I could do was trying not to think so much. 

And the easiest way to do that is to watch movies.  
I also said before that I am obsessed with movies, TV shows etc. So today I want to introduce the films I was enjoying over the days last week. 

1. This is a recent one and I recommend it highly if you just want to laugh over stupidity and easy jokes. "TAMY".It was really funny and I didn't think I'd like it as much as I actually did. It lightened up my mood, got me focussed on something else but my problems. I just had a really good 1,5 hours and a much better mood afterwards! So watch it.
It's about a woman called Tamy, played by Melissa McCarthy, who has hit sock bottom and goes on a journey with her grandmother. Both of them find a way to deal with their problems as well as life and of course find love whilst going through some really little but funny adventures. 

2. Diana. I was on YouTube the other day as I found Princess Dianas interview with BBC in 1996. Since then I got slightly obsessed with the whole Diana life and death things and basically bought all the movies. First I got to watch was the love story between her and her doctor boyfriend. 
It shows that Diana, played by Noami Watts, who also does a wonderful job there, has had feelings and wasn't just the princess of Wales or Hearts. She also was a person, a woman who tried to simply live a happy, normal life as we all do. 
Anyone who is interested in Diana or who just wants to watch a heartbreaking love story and has got 2 hours of freelance time - go go go :) I enjoyed it. It really is a good movie.

3. The Details. This is a movie I picked up because it was on the 5 bucks section.. I didn't have any great expectations about it. But it is such a funny story. 
Alright, the story is about a man who is in an unfulfilled marriage since his son was born. Somehow over going crazy about all the raccoons in is house and garden he got into two affairs. So the whole story is about him dealing with the problems because of the affairs in a funny yet kind of realistic way. It's a good movie but only if you want to have a silly laugh and really wouldn't rather do anything else. Still I don't regret buying it. 

4. It boy. It's a french movie and is about a woman in her thirties I believe who accidentally falls in love with a young university student. It tells their story and with the problems that come with it as well as her change of character. And I really, really liked it. Not only because it's a french movie but because this one really had something. It wasn't particularly funny or serious but it had exactly the right amount of everything, as all french movies have.. I might add here, to make it worth watching. I really can't explain. 

Right now I am watching American Hustle, Diana (a really life documentary about her death) and the Peter Pan Disney movies as my sister, we found out yesterday, has never watched the old movies which should be pled guilty I think.So we decided to slowly watch them all, day by day as we have summer holidays now.
I will talk/ write more about them as soon as I finished :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading XXX C 

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