Yet Another Make- up Haul

Yes, I am a shoppaholic and my name is Cynthia.  I just couldn't resist and also I needed some of the items bought.  Starting wit...

Yes, I am a shoppaholic and my name is Cynthia. 
I just couldn't resist and also I needed some of the items bought. 

Starting with nail polish. I got a bit too excited by the limited and new edition from manhattan. Currently I am wearing the one on the right. It called "Liquid Copper" number 003 from the "Glowing Goddess" edition. And it looks like copper, so lovely, I am literally in love with it. I was so easy to put on, didn't fade or anything. I also only needed one layer. It's supposed to be long-lasting but it's always different with Manhattan so I don't know yet but I can say that after 24 hours things are still looking really good! 
The metallic purple nail polish on the left is also a limited edition. It's called "Dusk- Dancer" and I bought it because I believe metallic nails will be huge in the fall.. Also it's not a colour I have that much, actually only in pastel. 
Both bottles were 4 Euros. I will put the link at the bottom of this post. 

But as a review- I really do like Manhattan nail polishes they do have something, aren't that expensive and I am up to date with them. I believe my first ever nail polish came from Manhattan and even though many people say the brand is bad, i don't think so, it has its bad products but also many good ones as every company. So for the money- top.

Yes and now this on. I won't start explaining myself out of here. Or actually. I needed mascara. And it started that I bought the Miss Manga mega volume mascara from L'ORÉAL but accidentally trapped the blue on which I just recognized as I put it on and had full on blue lashes.. yea well so I went back yesterday and bought the black on as well. I haven't tried them yet but I will write a review once I have a valid opinion. They weren't that cheap but maybe I just think so because I get a little bit stingy with my money when it comes to mascara.. I think it was around 10 Euros, I didn't look at the price as a protection that I don't back out of the plan. 

Also I needed to pick up a new waterproof mascara. And now believe me when I tell you, this on is really good. It's the Manhattan "Volcano Explosive Volume" mascara in waterproof. I was a professional swimmer for 10 years in my life so I was trying loads of different waterproof make-up items and I have found the best products over the years. 
This mascara ( it's the blue one) last all day with a spectacular volume for a mascara that needed to work for 4-5 hours in chloric water every day a week. It lasted through all the training sessions in water, against sweat, etc. So tho is my trust product number one right here when things go to waterproof. 

Next item, the long- lasting "Eyemazing Eyeshadow Cream" number 2 called "Bronzeluxe". It's the same colour as the nail polish above and as I tried it on I was amazed. I have all the other eyeshadow creams from Manhattan from the previous collection and was happy with them so I thought I just take this on as well, no regrets. I like to put it on my upper eyelid as well as my lover lashes and put mascara on it- ready. It looks natural and somehow like you've done something- good with your face. Goddish. Easy make-up and quickly done look. If you've got a lighter skin tone I'd say buy the golden  one because bronze on light faces can make one look like drug addict if used wrong.. 
This Cream cost about 4 Euros as well.

And last but not least I the eyeliner pens. For 3 Euros each I thought I might as well take both of them.. They are also from the "Glowing Goddess" Collection.
As you can see they are double ended. 
The brown orange one is number 01 "sunset- sparkle" and the green golden one number 02 " bronze beauty"

the golden and orange endings are both fairly creamy which is good. They are about the right amount of colour, they go wonderfully with the eyeshadow creams. The green as well as brown endings are slightly harder I guess to create some sharper edges around the eyes. But still they all work fine. Nothing special, so if you want a make- up look that goes together from colours you might as well buy the collection all together. 

You can find all the Manhattan products on link given here

and the two Mascaras from L'ORÉAL here
(I will review them for you guys as eel separately)

I hope your all well! 


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