A Day In My Life - 09.08.14

Hello :) Today I have got a rather different kind of post prepared but still I hope you find it interesting. I myself had a lot of fun wit...

Hello :)

Today I have got a rather different kind of post prepared but still I hope you find it interesting. I myself had a lot of fun with it.
I picked Saturday as it's my favorite day in the week as far as that is possible/ normal to have a favorite day of the week but any ways.
Also today has been one of those days where I wake with a good mood, the sun is shining already, it's warm and sunny, bright, not too late or too early just a literally perfect morning with the knowing feeling it will be like this all day long.

So I woke up and immediately decided to go for a skate like every other day this week. I don't do it for fitness, I actually do it for fun. It's so nice and I enjoy the wind and sun at the same time, it's just a very fun thing for me to do and I am so happy I picked it up because first this is my time with the family dog as well as I was looking so long and hard to find a "sport" for me after I stopped swimming.
After several cups of coffees of course I went skating and dog walking.

Right after I had a shower which felt just amazing and got dressed - so gratis you get my ootd :) which is a rather baggy H&M bright blue dress which I love so much! And that's it. It was almost 30 degrees today, so very hot and it was just right for the weather.

And like that Mum and I went grocery shopping. I really love it, looking at all the foods and making up things to cook during the week. Is that normal? I don't know but I am sure I would make a pretty good wife loving this. 
We also went to "Media Markt" which is an electronic centre to get some cables and we also picked up movies. So one movie is a childhood movie of mine and it's german I guess it doesn't really make sense to show it on here then but I got "The internship". 

And after two hours of wandering around we finally got home with a lot of stuff 

Once everything is out of the bags my favorite thing of all time starts. Putting everything in its place. My Mum just hates to do it so I do it hah and I always let myself fully enjoy making every need and refill all the glasses and boxes etc.. shame. 
Then there was snack time

coffee and coke and a fag and we went off to the zoo and here we go. I love Katas and meerkates (I got so excited I forgot to take a pic of the katas..) But I got some photos of other animals :) 

I really had a great time and my mood was up as we got back but naturally I was really tired and needed food. 

And whilst eating I am enjoying myself some childhood movies and InTouch

Now it is almost 8 PM already and I will go get up and cook some dinner for Mum and I

This is what came out. First bowl is Mum's vegan Tofu salad and in the photo below is my meal. Cauliflower and broccoli with rice spiced with chili powder and soy sauce. 

And for now we're watching the "The Interview" movie and having a tea. 

                                               That is all for my day, I hope you liked it

                                                                          XXX C

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