3 School Make Up "Tutorials"

Hello everyone, as I said  I wanted to do a little series about going back to school and as it's still not even a month ago since some...

Hello everyone,

as I said  I wanted to do a little series about going back to school and as it's still not even a month ago since some of us started to go back I thought  I can squeeze in the last part.
Which would be Make- up.
So this is a topic as a lot of girls in my school only wear mascara or an eyeliner and no actual eyeshadow, blusher or anything really.. Not me I am afraid. I like to put attention on my eyes and lips and therefore I will show you my 3 most liked and used school make-ups and I hope you like them. For me they are all doable in under 10 minutes, not too much so still elegant but not boring and just mascara.

Starting with the basics I have my foundation etc. For that I use the complete selection of the fit me collection from Maybelline in the lightest shade. I then have a bronzer from Artdeco which is from a limited collection and the blusher and the glowing cake power also from Artdeco. The blusher is from the Dita von Teese collection and its absolutely georgous, if you can find it anywhere by now buy it, I highly recommend it. It's not too much and not too little, gives yourself a healthy cheek colour, very playful. And of course I use the Artdeco base I bought in summer and it's a good one. My eyeshadow last 12 hours and is very simply to use and still creamy.

Also I have my regular used mascara from Artdeco as well and it's also from the Dita von Tesse collection and it's a good one. I've been using it for a good 8 months I think and it makes my eyelashes look fuller, stronger and longer at the same time. 
I would generally recommend this collection alone because of the golden, fancy, royal looking packaging to be honest :D 

First Look is a very easy and simple one yet powerful. An eyeliner slim eyeliner from Maybelline and as a base I used a matte brown from Manhattan which they have in their regular sortiment but I don't have the name right now.
I put a lot of attention on my lips using the new Manhattan lip lacquer number 10 C Roaring Red and as you can see it it's a really bright colouring and it's soft on the lips though it's a lacquer. It's stays on there for a couple of hours which is pretty impressive. But you leave your marks on your cups ;).

Second Look is on of my all time favourites and here I am using the Artdeco Glam Couture Eyeshadow number 24 and put it all over my eyelid. It is a glowing dark brown eyeshadow which suits my eye colour very well and then I simply draw a thick layer of a bright blue eyeliner around my eyelashes and blend it in. I am using the Catrice Smokey Eyes Pencil 040 Petroling In The Deep. Using the brown and blue really makes the blue shine bright which I adore and it's still a really simple look to do yet because of all the blending not too much for darker eyes. 
On my lips I have the red Fire Escape lipstick from Manhattans Bloggers choice collection and it really is a fire escape. It stay on all day as well. Usually berry tones would fit to this look as well but I wanted to use my newer items. 

Last and third Look is a rather romantic one. I used this years autumn pallet 2 Precious China from Manhattans Bloggers Choice and used the very left light grey eyeshadow over the whole eyelid. It a bit glittery as well but very light. Then I went to the very right eyeshadow which is a heave wine red and blend it in my eye corner. If you wouldn't blend it would be a bit much but as you blend the intensity of the colour goes and it adjusts itself to the grey, making it look atumny and a bit ombré.
I really like this in this season because of the red it gets the look of an old rosé tone and makes the look come across as antic which is magical I think.
On my lips now I used the new berry lip lacquer from Manhattan and same here it stays on for 6 hours and the colour is more intense then it look like plus you either look like a red, red, red strawberry or a very dark glowing/ shining him berry at night or blueberry, either way.
This look, if blended very well can look so innocent and discreet, anybody can wear it and you are just good to go in the fall, not having too much on your eye.

All right, What do you think. And how do you wear your make up during school?

I hope you enjoyed reading, I had a lot of fun taking the photos!

Have a lovely day and


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