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  Hello Lovelies, last week I needed something for school so I went to the drugstore next to my school. Yeaa I bought the big piece of ...

Hello Lovelies,

last week I needed something for school so I went to the drugstore next to my school. Yeaa I bought the big piece of paper
And this:

First of I sorted out some Manhattan nail polish for autumn. The kaki green one on the top left is new and from the "Bloggers choice" edition. I haven't tried it but knowing Manhattan well by now, I believe it's wonderful. It also has little sparkly- glitter dots in it.
Second one is the copper nail polish from the "Golden Goddess"
Collection which I am wearing this week and I already have gotten so many comments for it- amazing.
Then I have an all time autumn must have, a dark red colour I believe is a must have on your nails and it also looks really elegant. Whener I see someone wearing a colour I want it on my nails right away as well. The fourth one is a purple nail polish and I think it goes really well with something black or kaki, I cannot tell you the name but it look kind of magnetic and. Second row on the left is the purple nail polish from the "Bloggers Choise" Collection which is darker and not as sparkly as the one before but still beautiful. It looks more mysterious for sure. And last but not least a black nail polish and I am so excited to wear it because I haven't had black on my nails for like 6 months!

Now to the haul:

 I pretty much bought the whole Bloogers Choice collection in my colours. We have here the palette with a nice light creamy colour, a kaki and a wine red. All the autumn colours and shades that are on this season. This is the trio eyeshadow palette 2 "My Precious China"I wore it last weekend and its all matte and easy to put on and looks wonderful in the result. I am really satisfied.
For my lips I bought the matte lipstick number 1 "Fire Escape" and it's also really thick in consistence and bright in colour and it smells like something wonderful and sweet. I had it on my lips like all week long and it is definitely my favorite this month! I also thought to myself, if the lipstick is this wonderful, the lipgloss cannot be wrong either. So I took it with me. It actually is a lip lacquer which explains why it is so thick. It's also really bright and the same colour as the lipstick but just glossier in the finish of course. And it stays on really long. It is number 10 C "Roaring Red"

All I can say to this collection is that is a great one. One of the best collection in some time for me. I really love it.
You can find the items here

Then I popped by Catrice as well of course and the had their stash reduced for 50% :)
I bought the metallic green/ blue one which has some purple sparkles in it as well depends on the light. It looks really nice and is number 55 "Get The Blues".
Then also I took the Luxury Lacquer 05 Million Brilliance "Plum Fiction" with me which is a sparkle story in a nice bright plum colouring. Something different and the fingers might be looking like diamonds which is really fancy and exciting I think.
And last one from my make- haul is from the autumn collection a matte eyeshadow in kaki again. It's number  060 "Moss Wanted Colour"  (It must be a very creative person who thinks of all those funny and weird puns and names..but whoever this person is he or she shall keep going I think I quite like it) For a matte eyeshadow it's really intense like you won't need as much on your eyes and still have a good effect and it's really soft and light- Well it is a velvet matte which explains a lot. I am really excited to try it out today w00t w00t.
You can find the Catrice item here.

Okay my little and wonderful beauty and make-up obsessed readers, I hope you had fun reading!


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