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Hello everyone, as you might be able to tell, I am an H&M addict. Hello, my name is Cynthia. Last week I ordered a couple of things ...

Hello everyone,

as you might be able to tell, I am an H&M addict. Hello, my name is Cynthia. Last week I ordered a couple of things from the new aw14 collection and some jewelry, things that popped into my eye. And I am so excited for them to arrive that I want to share everything I bought with you.

And here we go:

1. A beautiful bracelet with a black flower which reminded me of the one from Marc Jacobs haha
2. leather gloves because my hands are always cold and I need elegant looking gloves
3. This cardigan just spoke to me and fits into my autumn colour idea, also I like the leather detail on the shoulders a lot as is makes the cardigan look more interesting and unique.


4. The flower necklace omg it looks so pretty and wonderful. I've been loving statement jewelry atm so I had to obviously, it makes everything more royal ha
5. A wine- red messenger bag I cannot wait to get. It's really big yet looks professional and I love it.
6. Statement bracelet, even if I am really not the bracelet typ I needed this. I can just hope for it to fit good and not be too heavy.


7.A beautful jacket with a fur line and a belt to contour in white. I love to have a lot of jackets and to change it up I probably have like 15 or 20.
8. Fitting earrings to the bracelet haha no comments.
9. My beloved fur coat. I am a fan of fake fur as it's cosy and warm and just beautiful + there is a small chance of running into people with the same item as not everyone is as confident to pull it off.


10. A high necked jumper, it looked just really nice and warm and you can never have enough warm and nice looking jumpers during the cold seasons, am I right?
11. This is a pearl set and I always wanted to have some more pearl items as they are just really classy.
12. Yea the white flower earring because I could let them alone in the store if I'd taken all the black ones already..


13. Don't these earring just look amazing to you? I think they fit to the other bracelet, I really hope I will have the opportunity to wear them, if not I got something really lovely to look at anyways.  
14. A Mom- jeans. I have looked around for ages but never found one until now and I am just so happy I bought it.
15. The jumper told me he wanted to come with and starr in an outfit of the day together with the Mom jeans and the red bag and some nice pumps and because I am nice I said okay :) 

Yea it was a bit much money spend but they make me really happy and I am ready for autumn so far. I can't wait to wear it all haha
I hope you had fun reading and you will find the clothes and items here. 


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  1. All your jewellery picks are gorgeous!! I am in love with every single one! The fur coat is beautiful too! x



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