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Hello everyone, so today I got a topic prepared I have thought about for some time and I found it really hard to settle on whom I wan...

Hello everyone,

so today I got a topic prepared I have thought about for some time and I found it really hard to settle on whom I wanted to write it. But I made my decision. Generally I wanted to write about my view on style icons which lead me to the topic who is my style icon (today).

I chose Alexa Chung as my style icon. She is pretty, oh so pretty. But not only because of that. I find she has had an amazing life so far and seems to be very modest. She has a very personal style which has come to be on of the most copied once. It's light, very easy, tomboyish, practical and still feminin on the other hand. It's like it's never going to be out of fashion. Her style mixed with her personality she shows to the world she gives every girl and woman the confidence to wear whatever the fuck you want to wear! And this is what fashion should be like.
I am not sure if I can give you my message the way I want to but I believe her sense of style is so natural and personal and makes her herself and this you can only get with "not caring" or wearing something you adore and feel good in. This is what she does and spreads to the world and this is why I chose her as my style icon.

Now, here I is a tipp she taught everyone in her book:
How to decide what to wear today. First go and have a shower and whilst doing that think about how you want to look like if you great love or somebody thats important to you sees you. When you chose go to you closet and pull the item and see how it would work out on you. If it does congratulations! If not go back to step one :) Easy, short and helpful.
Make up would always be an eyeliner and a nude lipstick, red lipstick if it's a special day. Hair, don't even bother.

As to the profile. She was born on november 5th 1983 in England. After school she was scouted by a modeling agency and decided against college. She was 16 then and modeled on a really high lever until 2006 until deciding to quit the modeling for a while because of triggering body image (which I find really responsible by the way!) So clearly she had to become a TV presenter even had her own Show on 2009 on MTV. In those years, from 2007-2008 she even was a print journalist at various fashion magazines and works from 2009 on as the contributing editor at british Vogue. 2013 she published her first book "IT" which I also wrote a review about.

All in all, I think she is seems to be a really wonderful person. She lives her life the way she wants to and is herself. She has had an amazing career and deserves the title of an idol or a style icon, simply because she is only by being here.

Let me know what you think of her and who is you personal style icon and why, I'd love to know!


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  1. I love Alexa Chung too, she always looks amazing! :)


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