How I Planned My Birthday Party

Hey guys, it's party planning time! As you may know or not I am 20 now as it was my birthday yesterday. And I also threw my first e...

Hey guys,
it's party planning time! As you may know or not I am 20 now as it was my birthday yesterday. And I also threw my first ever birthday party since I got 9. 
And the way how things are, I always get a bit over excited and so I planned everything through. First of I looked for a checklist on how to plan a good party which you can find here
So first off I bought glow sticks as they are just great and you can do a lot of things out of them as well as see and glow in the dark. Then of course a party head for everyone and a bee pinata and a lot of sweets and confetti to fill that thing of course. Then I chose proper cups and glasses to drink out of, pepper plates, bowls, forks and knifes and napkins. Then a must have lots of balloons, I even have some formed as Pandas. :) And long lasting candles for outside.
I also have a lot of deco and cake candles. 
This is what I had one week before the party. I ordered all the stuff on Amazon and bought the rest from our local supermarket. 
Now one week before the party started I only had to actually prepare the food, by the drinks, some more chips and chocolate and plan the music.                                                                                                                                                                              
The menu was going to be a homemade potato salad, sausages, a raw vegan carrot cake and a chocolate cheesecake, a normal greek salad and some herb baguettes. 
Theme: Drinks instead of presents (it makes more sense in german because it rhymes.) 
Location: my garden/ house (we built a fort upstairs out of a lot of blankets and pillows  so we could all sleep together which also was really fun, warm and cosy)
Who: I invited 8 of my closest friends who all showed up.
When: 20.09.-21-09. starting 5 pm 
To organize everything I opened a privat group on Facebook so everyone was always well informed and we could all communicate together.

The party itself

Finished with planning and preparing which took me the whole 6 hours on my saturday (but I had so much fun doing it) the party was very lovely. We all sat outside and played with kink lights for hours, then we ate a lot of very nice food and talked until mid night where we had a little desk firework and some wonder lights. I then got a song as well and my present which was a very big, big cake (we had four in total!) and a car which is crazy and a total surprise! I am so happy and excited about it.
After we all had hour glas of champaign we went outside again to play some party games like bashing the piñata and who am I which was really fun. At around 4 am we all fell asleep. 
For now everyone is still sleeping and I already cleaned everything I could writing post now. 

I put some of the photos I have now in the post. 
If you can see my outfit I wore a black mini skirt and the H&M jumper from their fall collection in khaki green. It's really fluffy, soft and warm and if you can get your hands on it, you ain't regretting buying it! 



I just had such a lovely night and I am so glad to be having these awesome friends and my so kind and loving family, thanks to all of you! 


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  1. We had planned/designed/made most of the fun event details by the time that we hired this event planning lady, and she did a GREAT job coordinating with us and with all of the vendors to bring everything together to create a magical and cohesive environment for our event.


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