Taggy Tuesday - Tumblr Questions

Hello everyone!  I was wandering around tumblr and found this TAG and thought I am going to use it for my Taggy Tuesday.  I skipped a...

Hello everyone! 

I was wandering around tumblr and found this TAG and thought I am going to use it for my Taggy Tuesday. 
I skipped a couple of them as I didn't have an answer but that were only 3 or so. 

  • 1: 
    What was the last book you read?
Sex and the City- haven't finished it yet because of school
  • 2: 
    Do you like roller coasters?
I do but just occasionally like once a year or so on the cities festival 
  • 3: 
    Day or night?
Definitely night :)
  • 4: 
    What do you hear right now?
"I'm so fancy" lalala
  • 5: 
    What would you name your son or daughter if you had one?
Son: Piet or Louis
Girl: Emily or Louise
There's something about those names 
  • 6: 
    Do you want kids? Why or why not?
I don't know I suppose when I am able to take care of myself and have the money to care for them in an appropriate manner yes but how things are right now no way. If I even will be able to get my own but I would also be happy to adopt as there are so many children without parents who deserve a good home.
  • 7: 
    What’s your favorite memory with your best friend(s)? 
There is one summer in 2010 where my best friend and I have had so much fun during the summer holidays. We literally spend every night together, had sleep overs and just a lot of fun. This summer in general was the best I've ever had.
  • 8: 
    How many times did it take you to pass your driver’s test?
Honestly 3 times. Not because I am a bad driver thought. First time it went all really good I made my 45 minutes without mistakes but in the end the woman who tested me said that she didn't like my way of driving which is ridiculous and just shows that they wanted money. Second time I had an anxiety attack and blacked out. Third time I passed, but only because I also changed my driving teacher as my old one gave me such bad and heavy anxiety generally and I disliked him as well as I felt unsafe. Driving school was just a horrible experience for me. 
  • 9: 
    The scariest dream you had?
Mm just about 6 months ago and it was the first dream in over a year. We were in war and I stayed in my childhood apartment and my ex and best male friend were with me but didn't play a major role. They just followed. I saw my Mum once and was told about a mean man who had his office in the building who suddenly was our other house now. I was told he was my father as well and I remember imagining him looking like the father of Chuck Bass. We then went on the balcony and saw the airplanes with bombs coming and one crushed in the house next to us and I panicked badly. Then all of a sudden the children went outside and I yelled go back inside to get shelter.
You can analyze it if you want, I did it for myself already and it's amazing what came out.
  • 10: 
    How tall are you?
1,72 m. 
  • 11: 
    The last thing you ate was…
Broccoli and Cauliflower. Love it! 
  • 12: 
    A band you want to see live is…
Maroon 5 :) He is just so georgous.
  • 13: 
    Do you have a hero/someone you look up to? If so, who?
No, but I do like Blair Waldorf as a character and I'd love to have her discipline in real life. I think she is just perfect the way she is.
  • 14: 
    Do you like to swim?
  • I think so, as I used to be a professional swimmer but atm it makes me sad as so many memories are connected with it every time I jump in the water.
  • 15: 
    Things you look for in a guy?
Character wise: Just that he can make me laugh and that he is honest.
Physically: I don't really care but I know that my pattern is that I like gingers and tall men :) And brown eyes and a beard.
  • 16: 
    Has a book ever upset you?
I think so but I don't cry. I am an unemotional person. Only the movie Marly & I made me cry. Only one ever. 
  • 17: 
    What was the first instrument you learned to play? (if any) 
The flute :D 
  • 18: 
    Some of your hobbies include…
Being creative, writing, fashion, beauty, watching movies, inline skating
  • 19: 
    How do you deal with anger?
I don't show.
  • 20: 
    Something you like about your appearance is…
My eyes I think. They are quite big
  • 21: 
    What was the last movie you watched?
Two Night Stand, so good.
  • 22: 
    Do you have a favorite ghost story? What about a personal ghost story?
What is a ghost story? 
  • 23: 
    Where is the farthest from home that you've gone?
Sydney, Australia. Literally the other end of the world which was the furthest I could have gone. 
  • 24: 
    Have you met anyone through Tumblr that you'd like to meet irl?
Yes two people but that is irrelevant.
  • 25: 
    Do you look like your parents?
I look exactly like my mother just younger and much taller, omg
  • 26: 
    Things you have in common with your parents?
With my mother, my intellect and with my father my black humour. 
  • 27. What is to the right of you?
  • A white wall :D I just looked left before realizing it, stupid me.
  • 31: 
    Do you sing in the shower?
No haha, but I used to when I was 12 or so :D And as I recorded myself and heard how silly that was and how bad it sounded I stopped. 
  • 32: 
    Something others have described you as...
BaaaM. Kind.
  • 33: 
    Name of every pet you've had...
Omg. Bird1: Jäcky Bird2: Jäcky2 Bird3: Susi Rabbit1: Jule, rabbit2: Peter, rabbit3: Felix rabbit4: Little Lord Happy, rabbit5: Lotta, rabbit6: Willy, rabbit7: Lina, rabbit8: Keks, rabbit9: Tiffany, rabbit10: Rabbit, rabbit11: Piet-Austin, rabbit12: Louis, Cat: Paris and Dog: Charotte
So many pets haha.
  • 34: 
    Your favorite superhero?
Spider- Man yeeahh
  • 35: 
    Two of your fears are...
Being alone and pressure / future
  • 36: 
    What you're majoring in in college/what you plan to major in...
Ahh this is the big question, probably english and biology for now or psychology. 
  • 37: 
    What is your favorite season?
  • Indian Summer/ Autumn
  • 38: 
    The best vacation you took?
It'll always be every time I go to Portugal :) 
  • 39: 
    Why your best friend is your best friend.
Because she is loving, good hearted, kind, honest and we think the same way which makes us together unique as well it feels like we are like fitting pieces of puzzles.
  • 40: 
    How did you come across your favorite band?
  • Gossip Girl :) It's The Pretty Reckless. I was really upset as Taylor Momsen left and then I pretty much stalked her to not lose track of her. 
  • 41: 
    Occupations you wanted as a little kid?
I wanted to be a vet :) 
  • 42: 
    Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Introvert yea but a happy one. 
  • 43: 
    When was the last time you drank?
Last week at my 20th birthday but before that like 3 months ago. I do not like drinking that much anymore. And before that in february.
  • 44: 
    How many pillows do you sleep with?
10 Billion.
  • 45: 
    Are you a "safe" driver?
Sure am haha but not in the mornings because I am always late for school so I am always in a rush .. 
  • 46: 
    Something that's bothering you right now?
Nothing really, just that sunday passed way too far. 
  • 47: 
    How many cds do you own?
None anymore, 21 century people I download. 
  • 48: 
    How many books do you own?
A lot, I still love books like we have just a lot. Like around 100 If I had to give a guess. 
  • 49: 
    How many aunts and uncles do you have?
One once, one aunt. We are just a very tiny tiny family but I like it that way so I can remember everyones birthday and there are not as man family gatherings.
  • 50: 
    "Top 5" animals:
Rabbits, Cats, Horses, Meer cats (love them) Your Mother.

So now you know another 50 fact about me, I hope you had fun finding out. I certainly had fun answering as I find a lot of stuff out about myself. 
Have a lovely day XXX C

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