Autumn Hairstyles- Inspiration

Hello everyone. It's Autumn now finally, the leaves are getting colourful, it's colder and the sun goes down earlier. For me Autumn...

Hello everyone.
It's Autumn now finally, the leaves are getting colourful, it's colder and the sun goes down earlier. For me Autumn is a wonderful time of the year as you can pretty much do a lot in the fashion and beauty apartment. One of my biggest minuses is that I am relatively uncreative with my hair and I decided that I want to change that. So I was looking for some hair styles for fall that are easy to do and quick or look amazing. Also I was looking for a lot of wavy stuff and platted as I thing that are fitting hair styles for autumn. It just goes really well with the season where as in winter I would rather wear big, big curls and beach hair in summer and so on.

I found this video on you tube and of many others I find these especially good to do in the school week and very simple yet good looking and casually chic/ cool. The Video is made by Kalyn Nicholson and you will find her account here. I highly recommend you having a look.

I then hopped on tumblr and found a couple of pics I think are very nice and I will try to do as well:

 This on looks really nice, not boring. You will need to french plait your hair on the top and put it in a need top knot and done. It'll look very interesting and playful. I really like it.
So this on is obviously a fashion show hair style but doesn't mean we won't be able to pull off a similar on. I would just plait my hair on my neck section the french way and then plait it normally but in a messy way for three quarters and then just leave it. It'll look used, out of bed and messy which makes the look look cool and legere, like you don't care but do in a way.
 This Hair style I think just looks so chic and amazing. You french plait you hair on one side and then have a messy knot in the back of your had. Even if the knot is messy the look isn't because of the plaiting which makes it look really girly and lovely.

And this is the last look I found. And this on is just really simple as you pull your out of bed hair into a messy pony tail and instead of using a a normal hair band you just take a fabric band in a bow. This way it's more of an eye catcher and you made something usual look more interesting and more special. I love this one a lot as it is extra simple but still exciting to look at. 

Tell me which one you liked the most! I hope you had fun reading and that I was able to inspire you a bit! 

Have a lovely day everyone :) 


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