Mango Haul - Autumn Edition

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my first haul post from my big time holiday shopping trip. I bought half of it before I went because I go...

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my first haul post from my big time holiday shopping trip.
I bought half of it before I went because I got over excited about some items and the other half in Portugal. 
You can buy all pieces here.

Let's get started:  

First item I bought is this kimono blouse in a lovely rosé. This colour is a rather unexpected colour for autumn yet it is freshening compared to the dark tones and shades that are mostly worn during autumn/ winter. It is rather heavy and long though as well as stiff and thick. It definitely has got a texture for winter. With the bow belt that comes with it you can form and shape it as well, play with the strict kimono a bit.


Next I bought two big, oversized cardigans. Both with a wooly fabric which do not scratch. I really like them as they are so big and warm and you can hide in them wonderfully which gives you such a lovely homy feeling on early days when you only wish you'd be at one and in bed again.


Left: The oversized jumper/ dress in a bright red. I wore this one last week on friday and it is rather baggy but tight on the arms. I really like it as well as the bright colouring because I felt like a christmas elf a bit.
Right: A lovely wool scarf! I love the fact that is has black, grey, white and brown in it because now you will be able to accessorize and play with it in almost every outfit and really get your money out of this one.

And lastly this is what I bought in Portugal. 
I already wore the dress on my last night. It is of a stretchy fabric, really soft and gives your body a kind of 60-ties shape! I love it as well as the floral print which is very freshening again compared to this grey season. 
Also I bought a cashmere jumper in white. It has a v- neck and is oversized. What can I say, it's cashmere and is so, so, so good. I really do not reget paying the money as in winter I love myself all things cosy, soft - clothes that are baggy and make me feel comfortable when I am not at home in bed.
Although I have to say I am disappointed with the bag collection in general lately I bought a wallet as I do every year. This time it is a black one. I haven't changed wallets yet but it is big and sectioned so cards and change can be needly separated. Also you can put a picture of your loved once in it! It has a croco- leather style from the outside but inside it is out of red fabric. 
And last but not least and surely most worn until now- my new sunglasses! Yey.  I love, love, love them. They fit my head really well and are not too big and not too small. On the sides it has grey/ brown leopard coverage and black glasses. Also I got a lovely case with it as well. They are really comfortable to wear as well as light and won't slip of your nose. 

This is it for my Mango Haul, I think it's fairly enough! I hope you enjoyed reading and that you will find your way bag on here again. 


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