Baking Christmas Cookies Part One

Hello Everyone! After a very busy time I can finally start enjoying the festive time of the year and to get me all into it, I thought...

Hello Everyone!

After a very busy time I can finally start enjoying the festive time of the year and to get me all into it, I thought I'd start of with a very easy and quick "Baking Christmas Cookie" recipe Post for my Christmas Brunch today. 

So this is a very easy recipe. It's almost as easy as pancakes and therefore just as quick. I got it from my grandmother and we always do one load each year besides other following recipes. If you also are a Christmas Cookie Monster I have the steps and ingredients all written down for you to share a bit of our family tradition. 

To start of you will need: 

1 Egg

250g of flour 

half a package/ 1 teaspoon of baking powder and a bit of vanilla extract

125g of butter

65g of sugar 

Put it all in a bowl and whisk it for 1-2 minutes. Afterwards you need to use your hands to and combine it well until .. 

.. you get something looking similar to this baby here. 

Now you want to preheat your often to 150 degrees Celsius.

Before we get startet on the fun part line two baking trey with backing paper and get some flour, your cookie forms and a rolling thingy out.

now roll out your dough and put the forms on them, cut out your copies 

Now you put your cookies in the ofen as soon as your trey is full and bake them until they are golden, or about 12- 15 minutes between 120 and 150 degrees celsius. 

To decorate them I used 250 g of powder sugar and some sprinkles. 
Now I put all the powder sugar in a little bowl and gave a teaspoon at a time into it and stirred it. Don't use too much water! Or your topping will get too runny and we do not want that. We are looking for a thicker texture. I also gave cocoa powder into it to give the cookies a contrast and to have another flavor but sugar.

I then prickled both, the topping and the sprinkles on the cookies and let them try. 

In the end you get really nice, simple cookies that have a hint of a vanilla taste, are fluffy and soft if not baked for too long. They are not too sweet but therefore we have the powder sugar that gives all  the sweetness to it. 
I love them because they remind me of my childhood and are really simple to make. Also you won't have a big mess after because it's not to much to utensils you need.

I hope I could give you a nice baking idea and if you try them as well, please let me now that I can see them! I'd be more than happy to get to know a feedback.
Watch out for following recipes, have a lovely day and Christmas time! 


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