L'Oréal Paris - Diamond Edition Review

Hello Everyone!  I bought a bit of Make-up and wanted to share and review.  I just couldn't resist and it has been a while for me...

Hello Everyone! 

I bought a bit of Make-up and wanted to share and review. 
I just couldn't resist and it has been a while for me since I last bought something for my face. 

This is what made my fingers were itching for. It's the L'Oréal Paris Christmas Diamond Edition. 
They have brought out a new eyeshadow palette and two Mascaras that come together. 

Here we have the palette. It's the Luminous "Trésors Cachés" P2. 
It consists out of four colour: Gold, Green, Wine Red and dark Bue. 
I thing pretty much you can use this palette four a dramatic eye make-up in the winter time. You can combine colours the way you like or make it all smokey or just use the lighter colours if you do not want to be a drama queen. 
I have tested them during last week and what I can say is that is covers really good and long. It literally stays until the next morning. The colours are intense which I find the best. You won't need much on your brush to get an affect. 
Only bad thing is found is that I mix green and red, the red turns kind of grey-ish. So they do not mix really well and you have no base, it is all very glittery. You might not like it as much if you don't like to sparkle a little. 
For me it's great, I love it and this is my go to palette for the Christmas time for sure! 

I then actually wanted to rebuy my Manga mascara but chose these two instead. Also because I was curious what the other mascara did to my lashes. 
For what I can say they do put a lot of volume onto my lashes, I was able to notice a difference as well as feel it. My lashes instantly felt heavier and thicker. I then opened the other mascara and it is basically liquid glitter. You cover it after you applied the actual mascara and after you are officially a human being with voluminous glittery lashes. Great for a party or the theatre, somewhere you need to dress up but not for school. 

In the end I can say that I do not regret the purchases because they are great for the upcoming celebrations that winter brings with it. They may not be a good choice for your school or work days, except you are like me and don't care.
They cover a lot, they hold what they promise and they are not too pricy as they are drugstore products. 

Tell me, your experience or if you now want to try them out. I am always glad to read a feedback! 

I hope you enjoyed reading! XXX C

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