Weekly Outfit Of The Day Post- What I've been wearing

Hello Everyone!  I had a great week this week so far in every way.  So good so that it showed even in my dressing as in I enjoyed wha...

Hello Everyone! 

I had a great week this week so far in every way. 
So good so that it showed even in my dressing as in I enjoyed what I was wearing and walked proudly along the halls in my school. 
I welcome you to see my week in clothing, wish you fun and hope you will get inspired as well.

Monday: 1.12.14
I wore my new Mango dress which you can see in my Mango Haul Post. It has no sleeves so maybe it wasn't the best choice for a cold december day but I really felt like a fresh print that brings a bit of colour in our grey landscape of winter. To break the spell I thought I am going to style break the whole business outfit and wear my Gandalf Cardigan from Mango as well. 
The scarf is from ZARA and was my big life saver keeping me warm. I also wore my wine red messenger bag. 

Tuesday: 2.12.14
Exam days I always want to be extra comfortable so I wore wine red jeans from Zara and my white Zara v-neck jumper which is so soft and cosy I love it. I then threw on my Gandalf cardigan from Mango again and a wool scarf from Mango as well. with that I wore chunky boots form Stradivarius and my wine red H&M Messenger bag as always.

Wednesday: 3.12.14 
I was playing Gandalf with my Mango wool cardigan. I wore a shirt/ dress in a caro print. It was mostly black with them white lines for the caro. Mango scarf of course, grey H&M leg warmers and another jacket on top, from OYISHO. Because we need to have the minus regresses now. 

Thursday: 4.12.14
That day I wore my big, big jumper from my Dad and I believe that he got this on russia. Like it is original Russian handmade wool jumper. With it I wore a black H&M volant skirt and my fur bag which I love to pat every now and then.

Friday: 5.12.14
Another pink day. I wore a jeans and above a top and my pink cardigan from H&M with my furry bag. All in all a very casual outfit. 

Surprise surprise Saturday 6.12.14
I thought I'd make the effort and give you guys an extra, taking a selfie on the weekend. I wore my turtle neck dress from Stradivarius and my big wool gandalf cardigan. I actually stepped outside with the hood on because I thought it was fitting. ;) 

Face of the day 7.12.14
All I wanted to show were these cute little candy ear ring! How cute are they. Topshop and so fitting for the festive time right now. I love them because they are just adorable.

This was my week. Please, tell me which outfit you liked the most! 

Have a great day! XXX C

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