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Hello Everyone!  Remember the post a couple of weeks ago where I introduced the ss15 collection to you. Some of the beauties are alrea...

Hello Everyone! 

Remember the post a couple of weeks ago where I introduced the ss15 collection to you. Some of the beauties are already out. 
I have been really good and not get myself into trouble over new years and buy everything on sale but now I thought, why not? 
And here is what I bought. I will divide into to clothes and home ware. Starting with clothes most importantly.

I bought this lovely wide legged and high waisted pants which falls in the category office wear. I really love the darker grey and the easy and simple pattern. It can make anything look effortless of or more legere if you decide to wear a big jumper. As it is grey you can combine any kind of colour as well with it --> check out my post of "Top Colours To Wear In Spring 2015) 

Next I bought a jumper of course. It has just started to go below zero here so now I definitely need to get the big guns out. Sadly I cannot wear my Christmas Jumpers anymore and the pullovers I bought last year.. well they bore me. 
I went for more coloured pieces to embrace the new start of the year, that everything thats growing and blooming soon. Anyways this jumper is an oversized one in three different light colours in an irregular pattern. I really like it and think it can be combined with black leggings and a nice pair of ugg boots.

I like that this jumper looks like my grandmother had made it! It looks really cosy as it seems heavy and big. Like in the photo I love the idea of wearing a pair of leather pants with it. Very interesting and lovely outfit idea me thinks. 

Crunchies! They seem to be back!!! Yes and how lovely is that? Now you can pop your messy bun up in an old fashioned way without getting weird looks! I am on cloud 12 because I missed them so much.

Last piece: This is going to be my dress for the 50 Shades Of Grey Premier I am to with my best friend. I find it looks so elegant and almost mysteriously elvish with the different shades of grey --> pun! :D ( because I am so funny) 
and the pattern and the way it will fall on the body. I don't know this is the kind of dress I prefer. Half 30ties and half out time now, a dress that fits into society without showing too much of you bum.

Now lets go on to the home ware part of the haul.

First I bought for the first time I might add, my own towels. I just took the new collection as it came in a lovely peachy kind of tone (they also had green and blue) I may have mentioned it in my new years resolution but peu a peu I will buy a couple of things for my own flat I will be moving to with in/ towards the end of the year. 
I like the lightness and simpleness of the towels as they have an ancient pattern of florals but not heavily overloaded. You have to come closer to see. 

Of course I also bought a new bedding. This time it's pink. I had a hard time choosing between light green and this old rosé but as I looked today, green was sold out and my decision made my a higher power. But I am still very happy with it. All spring my room will look like a romantic little girls dream.

And I bought two pillow covers in the same colours with a rose pattern. Basically I will lie in a rose beet, how dreamy. 

Now All that is left is the decoration. I have bought this little lace table cloth and for this I will buy a lot of candles in either white or rosé and different highs and shapes and place them on or around it to make it beautiful. Additionally with one or two flower lying decoratively around on it. 

This is about it! I think I did pretty well and I am so exciting for all of this to be arriving ver soon! Side note: Knowing that this is all my money I have worked for very hard makes it even more exciting and me satisfied and happy. 
These are my baby steps into adult life.

I hope you had fun reading! 

What do you think is a must have clothes/ home ware wise this season? 


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