January & February Inspiration & 2 OOTD

Hello Everyone!  I am so sorry I haven't posted anything this month. Life has been crazy with me and in the middle of all the chaos...

Hello Everyone! 

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything this month. Life has been crazy with me and in the middle of all the chaos that's been happening I decided to take it down and rebuilt. 
I will slowly start blogging from now and then. On the positiv side, I have had a lot of time to get inspirited and get some material etc. 
But also I will have more reliable post, only posting twice a week friday and Monday. 

Something to look forward to might be my upcoming post on my favorite winter/early spring colours, january and february inspirations seen in outfits I am wearing. Quite a lot of book reviews like from the "The Girl- Online" by Zoe Sugg. A post about healthy and unhealthy eating which I am looking forward to very much and also an H&M haul about spring decoration. 

Starting right now. I found a picture (see above) on tumblr this week which got me really exited to wear white and grey together. We all know that around this time a year it'll be the coldest it can get in the year. Meaning we need some really cozy clothes. Sadly we cannot use all of the beautiful chirstmas jumpers anymore. So I was thinking what colours would be good to combine with the white/grey/ caramel/ black clothing that fits all year. I came to the conclusion that I love the idea of a very icy blue. It even would be an eye catcher with grey. With that you can accessorize with gold, silver and even copper jewelry! I love that combination. 
Another way to dress is white or grey basic with a peachy or old rosé highlight like a bag or shirt. But generally keep it simple. Use grey stockings over black tights. Another colour, lastly, I have come o adore by now is lavender. It looks so lovely and refreshingly gorgeous in combination with light green or white, even grey but then it has a more mysterious effect.
I hope I could give you a bit of a hint of what will come from me outfit wise in the next couple of weeks and that you liked my "taste in colour combination". 

My first white version last week was to wear my white jeans combined with a basic grey jumper and my black Liebeskind bag. It seems really elegant and feminine. The jeans and the jumper are both from H&M. 

The day after I turned the complete other way and decided to go all black to try the effect of the royal blue skirt which I also really loved. The jumper is the fur jumper from Mango that I used to wear quite a lot and the skirt is from Primark. I really liked this even though it is a rather dark outfit and not what I have in my mind right now as I want to dress more lighter and positiv.

I hope you liked the post and will continue reading! Also I am sorry again for not writing as much. Writers block has occurred out of personal reasons.. But I am back and that's what counts! 

Have a lovely day you all! XXX C 

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