Spring Break Outfit Ideas

Hello Everyone!  Spring break is over and all I've done was sweet nothing which kind of resembles my lack of posts.  I have decid...

Hello Everyone! 

Spring break is over and all I've done was sweet nothing which kind of resembles my lack of posts. 
I have decided that I will only post my weekly outfits from now on and maybe from time to time  I change it up with some other things like reviews or something. But I won't make it my daily goal to post something anymore. All  I truly am passionate about is fashion and what I am wearing so this is what I will be writing about. If one likes it or not, I feel great with this decision.

Anyways, this allows me to actually write about my week, what I thought when wearing it or why I chose this outfits in the first place.

But here we go. 

Monday: 6.4.15

I had a little hipster mood whilst having holidays and wanted to go as chilly and comfortable yet stylish as possible. That day I got inspired by a box of old clothes of mine and pulled out a grey dress and a cropped white jumper I believe are from H&M. I wore my usual Stradivarius chunky boots and black tights with a grey beanie and grey leg warmers.

I loved that outfit because I like those basic dresses ( I have one in every colour.. ) The jumper gives the boring grey some contrast and because it's cropped it makes the whole outfit look a bit cooler, a bit less in control to the contrary of wearing the dress with a blazer. Which also is possible but of one longs for a chillier look, this is a go to, I'd say.

Wednesday: 8.4.15 

Kind of the same but different is this outfit. I am wearing a grey jumper from Vero Moda I bought years ago and underneath a little summery skater dress I purchased in Australia, let me lie and say it was Sports Girl. I cannot remember it really. I took my black H&M shopper bag with the and wore my chunky Stradivarius boots as always this season. Also present were the black tights and grey leg warmers.

I loved this outfit as it made me feel girly which is credited to the dress of course as it has a loose cut at the bottom. The jumper made the outfit spring prove for some cold winds and made a cute dress look more adult and cool looking. I didn't wear much jewelry although I could or should have been. Some statement necklace would have sure looked nice. Anyways I thought it was a perfect outfit for one of the first warmer days after winter.

Thursday: 10.4.15

Oh how I have longed and waited for this to arrive is almost not to describe! I ordered it last week as I wanted a white lace dress more than anything other in the whole wide world. Sad side note, the only lace dress I could find (in my price range) was this one from H&M. They had it in white as well but not available in my size. So I settled for the black on. With this beauty I wore a big wooly cardigan from H&M also and very much important note here is the necklace I am wearing. It sits very up high my neck, is golden and has a big pearl hanging on it. Actually this necklace is my favorite item on the whole outfit. I am also wearing my tiffany key, chinky Stradivarius boots and H&M shopper bag. 

Alright guys, I know not much this week but any other day I wouldn't do much than stay in my PJ's and change into work clothes later that day before returning to the PJ's. 

I still hope you liked the post and that you will keep on reading my blog even if it's just me rambling about my clothes from now on.

Have a lovely sunday Everyone! 


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