The Summery H&M Dress Haul, Well with one Top and one Pair of Shorts

Hello Everyone!  I have been shopping again. But I am so, so happy and excited to show you what I've got. I am so in love with thes...

Hello Everyone! 

I have been shopping again. But I am so, so happy and excited to show you what I've got. I am so in love with these clothes. It's mostly dresses for the summer and it was all the perfect timing because this week turned out so hot and I just had the perfect things to wear which made my week all really fun and put me in the best mood. But now let me start!

So first item I got was this orange dress in a tiger/ animal print. 
It is sleeveless and the fabric it very silky and soft making it a bit fancier. I do like orange as a colour because it is so fresh and lovely. It puts me in a good mood because it's simply a happy colour. 
The dress does not really have a shape, t hangs on you and has a fair length to the knees.

Second item is another dress. A white and blue floral dress with short sleeves. Like the other one the texture is very silky and soft and its asymmetrical from fron to back. Meaning the front is shorter than the back. All in al it's a nice dress, also shapeless and genuinely long. I just really like blue and white combinations which is why I bought it.

I then found the most beautiful statement necklace. I don't know but lately I find some really nice jewelry pieces in H&M which is beautiful because I do love statement necklaces and this one is just lovely. It's in lighter and dark blue with little diamonds. It's really not that heavy and absolutely wearable. I wore it with the orange dress as a little colour block. 

Another dress. This one is really colourful and has literally all the summer colours in it. It also is of a silky texture and falls really loosely only holding on your belly to give some contour. it ends just above the knees so it also is of a comfortable length. I really liked wearing it, it was so light and comfortable.

And now to the pieces out of the order. I already put them together in one outfit as I wore it the other day. I bought a black basic stripy top. its just plain and you always need them in summer so there is not much else to say.
And the other piece are some shorts. And they have a floral print as well and look kind of vintage which is nice. It is high waisted and of very light texture so it's a perfect summery piece. I do not regret buying it. Also it fits perfectly around my waist line. This is what I had some concern about but didn't need to.

This was my little haul. All in all I payed just a bit over 70 € which is totally acceptable for what I got and you will be able to see all the items on me in my weekly OOTW post tomorrow to see how it hangs on a person. 

I hope you liked the post. The message of this would be: Wear more dresses girls! 


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