Raw Vegan Sushi - Homemade

Hello Everyone! Good news for all of you who like sushi. Nothing evolutionally but we do not have to restrict down to one of the most b...

Hello Everyone!

Good news for all of you who like sushi. Nothing evolutionally but we do not have to restrict down to one of the most beautiful foods in this world! With "we" I mean the raw vegans of the world. Of course everyone can make this kind of sushi and make them the way they want it. It's a recipe for everyone, it's easy, quick and inexpensive. Most of all though, it's healthy.

I am talking about homemade sushi. For everything I paid 12 € which you would easily pay for a portion as well but out of the money I paid, I got much more out of it by using not even half of what I bough.

Now all you need: 
- a couple of cauliflower heads
- some of your favorite vegetables (I used zucchini, red bell pepper, lettuce, carrot)
- nori leaves (usually now in your local supermarket, I paid 3 € or so)
- this wooden roll thing, I don't know what it is called sorry..

- and nothing else, really.

Step 1
Chop and cut your cauliflower and put it either in a food processor or cut it in teeny tiny pieces so it resembles rise.
You can if you want to microwave your cauliflower rice as well to make it softer. Approximately 7 to 8 minutes and maximum heat. 

Step two

now line up the nori leave on the wooden thing and water the ends a little so it will stick together after rolling it up.

Step three

Whilst microwaving my cauliflower for just a little bit I cut a beautiful and very colourful plate of my vegetables. Of course I needed zucchini and red bell pepper. I also used a little bit of lettuce and a carrot.

Step four

now you layer your vegetables, starting with the cauliflower rice and then put your favorite vegetables in it as well. When your are finished with this it get's to 

Step five

which is the hardest, to be honest. Rolling it up. The rolling isn't hard, it's the end result that doesn't look as good the first times. I needed three tries until I got a nice result that I was relatively happy with. It's definitely a matter of trying and working on it. 
My advice is to just practice each time and it'll get better I promise.

This is my end result. A beautiful veggie plate with a couple of raw vegan sushi. I liked the taste, it had definitely a taste of sushi coming from the nori leaves and it was really crunchy and I am nicely stuffed now and my cravings for this Japanese wonder is over for now.
I am happy to have tried it, it was a wonderful experience that I will be doing and improving my skills on for sure in the nearer future. 
I recommend it to everyone out there. Cook with your friends, have a fun evening of trying something new and enjoy life to the fullest in a healthy way. 

I hope you had fun reading, I happy for advice and pictures of your sushi! 


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