Trend Colours For AW15 - A Lesson In Art Psychology

Hello Everyone!  It is always the same to me. With every season change the colours and patterns change as usual, not just in our surrou...

Hello Everyone! 

It is always the same to me. With every season change the colours and patterns change as usual, not just in our surroundings like our nature but with our clothes as well. And with that everyone blogs about the latest trends in fashion. But I thought it would be really interesting to see what is actually behind those thoughts of our beloved designers. What made them chose this colour. So I wanted to share a bit of my personal interest and passion (psychology) with you. 
I really hope you find this post interesting. Besides picking the AW15 go to colours I share my thoughts and feelings as well as with what colours I would wear them as well.

As I said I picked the AW 15 colours that I personally like this season which are Orange, dark green, blue, rosé, brown, burgundy and violet. I also talk about the meanings of the uncolored colours such as white, black and grey as I mention them often enough with how I would combine everything with.

Have fun reading !


... is the color of the setting sun. Orange is warm and pleasant, due to its positive atmosphere it is often used for depression. It is the symbolic color of optimism, vitality, inspiration, creativity and communication. They signaled openness, sociability and youthfulness, health and self-confidence. In addition, Orange stimulates the appetite. But Orange can also convey easygoing, intrusiveness and debauchery and is often perceived as cheap and dubious in our society. This color revives the benefits of kidney, bladder, and glands. Orange tones have a stimulating effect, increase the release of adrenaline, thus constrict the blood vessels, speed up the heart rate and raise body temperature. Orange expands the lungs, stimulates respiration, helps against bloating and gas formation in the digestive tract, stimulates the thyroid and the stomach and forms bone (calcium effect).

Burgundy ... (Red)

... In general it can be said that the color red stands for joy of life, vitality, energy and passion and of course also for love. But red may also be aggressive and disturbing because it embodies anger, rage and brutality. Red is the color of fire.  Red activates, warms, yes, sometimes it heated. 

Burgundy to me symbols big passion for life and nature and deep love. I also love to accessorize this with white, gold, black, grey and brown

ROSÉ ...
... is a symbol of gentleness and tenderness, Pink, however, can be considered dominant, depending on the intensity or gentleness. It stands for idealism, gratitude, commitment, order and compassion. But it also has something of snobbery, arrogance and dominance.

In this AW15 season we are taking the soft rosé tone not a hot pink showing off our softer, vulnerable and gentle side. I believe inspirational for me is that it is so soft and lovely as well as mystic when worn together in a fading water-coloured way with grey, dark dark dark green, brown even white and gold would work as well


... is considered known as the color of life and awakened hopeful but also soothing feelings in the viewer. It stands for generosity, security, harmony, hope, renewal of life. Greens can convey but also feelings of envy, indifference, stagnation and fatigue. Green as the base color of nature stands for growth, healing and harmony. It affects nerve calming, regulating blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and bronchi. Muscles and tissues regenerate faster, rheumatoid arthritis improves. It stimulates the pituitary gland and creates cerebral balance. It acts as a stress inhibitors and psychological stress.

Hereby I must add that this season we are talking dark green, emerald that rather show wisdom, truth, honesty, old life, trust and security. 
It is and has been for years my favorite colour as I find it so magical and beautiful simply natural and amazing and I am so happy that it is in season now and I can buy so much of it. 

I love to combine my dark green centre pieces with gold, white, silver, brown and orange.


...  is one of the shades of gray and has a soothing and mentally can offer a firm grip. Brown looks conservative and can also symbolize excessive restraint.

I find that brown belongs to the earth tones and also symbols trust and nature. I like that it is a colour you can combine with almost everything but still is so different and has so much to say and offer compared to the uncoloured colours such as black, white and grey.
This season I would wear every shade of brown I can find.

BLUE ...

... is a cool and tranquil color. It is the color of sky and water. It stands for peace, trust, devotion to duty, beauty, longing. But it can also convey pipe dreams, carelessness or melancholy. Turquoise or cyan conveys alertness, awareness, clarity, intellectual openness and freedom. Cyan but can also be very cold and distant look and convey a sense of emptiness. Cool blue light and has analgesic, blood vessels constrict. It has antiseptic, hypotensive and is used to treat inflammation and fever, as well as in cardiac disorders and sunburn. Blue promotes concentration and has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. It helps in nervousness and insomnia, Indigo is a deep sleep. When inflammation and fever as well as to the fabric construction after injury helps turquoise.

I find this colour beautiful as it is. It is so strong and changeable as well. 
It clearly is used as a spacey colour this season combined with orange, green and brown as well as gold, white, grey. I believe it would look very interesting to have a middle shaded blue with burgundy and black. I love blue as it really does calm my nerves, lights up my mood and gives me clearness and eagerness.


... is a graceful color. It is the color of inspiration, religion, mysticism, magic and art. She is an extraordinary, extravagant color that is associated with piety, penance and sacrifice. Purple stands for transformation, spirituality and meditation, it can stabilize tired nerves. But it can also act proud and arrogant or immoral. In color therapy violet acts mentally and spiritually stimulating. On appetite and sex drive against Violet has an inhibitory effect.

To me it is very dreamy and romantic, isn't it? I did not know about the last bit, the sex drive although I knew about the appetite which also is the same with darker blue. Anyways i noticed much truth about this psychology as I find my mother liking violet every time she has been in a life changing situation. It really is a very interesting colour we all shall pay more attention to.
In my mind I love to combine it with white, gold, silver, grey, brown and would even consider orange. Don't do yellow though, this resembles suicide (which you can see also from the last drawing Picasso drew...)


... is the color of the ice and snow. She is a symbol of purity, clarity, grandeur and innocence. White is a bright mixture of all colors should therefore have little effect, however, is used to alleviate other colors. White is also true as a sign of aloofness, sensibility and cool aloofness.
GREY ...
... is the color of the clouded sky on a cloudy day. It is the color of perfect neutrality, caution, restraint and willingness to compromise. It is an inconspicuous color that is associated with boredom, monotony, insecurity and fear of life. Gray is classified by the color therapy rather than depressed and energy-consuming.
...  is the color of darkness or lightlessness. It expresses sorrow, inscrutability, immutability and the Fearsome and in Mystery. But Black is also an expression of dignity and reputation and has an especially solemn character. In color therapy offers black soul a firm hold and a feeling of strength.

Color combinations, and their characteristics:

Activity:                       Red, orange, yellow
Attractiveness:             Red, Blue, White
Dynamic:                     Red, Blue, Orange
Honesty:                      White, Blue, Green
Energy:                        Red, Orange, Yellow
Functionality:              White, gray, black
Good:                           White, Blue, Gold
Hope:                            Green, Blue, White
Ideal:                            White, Blue, Gold
Wisdom:                       White, blue, silver
Power:                          Blue, Gold, Red
Masculinity:                 Blue, Black, Brown
Modern:                       White, Black, Red
New:                            White, Yellow, Blue
Original:                       Violet, orange, silver
Objectivity:                  White, Grey, Blue
Speed:                          Silver, red, yellow
Safety:                          Green, White, Blue
Sympathy:                    Blue, Red, Green
Trust:                            Blue, Green, White
Truth:                           White, Blue, Gold
Reliability:                   Blue, Green, Brown

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