Autumn Make- up Haul

Hello Everyone! It is time a little make-up haul I decided. As always I am on the look for any vegan make up I can find, also I seasons...

Hello Everyone!

It is time a little make-up haul I decided. As always I am on the look for any vegan make up I can find, also I seasons are changing once again and I wanted something new and different. And well, bad news first, I did buy a couple of non vegan products from caprice but it's only three items. However three items to many. On the bright side I have finally found a good vegan foundation, fitting powders, a brush, an eyebrow pen and two lipsticks! 

So above you can see the entire haul I wish you fun reading and I hope you can find some products for yourself! After I have tried it new stuff for a while (2-4 weeks) I will give a proper review and some tutorials for autumn.

This are my new members of the vegan foundation "stuff" I have found and they are all from "Alverde" which is a german natural make- up line. Meaning that they are all produced without chemicals and they are all cruelty free. 
All the products that are made in Germany are animal cruelty free because that is a law here. I am very proud to be a german for that reason.
As a liquid foundation I have bought the "Colour and Care 2 in 1 make up in number 20 caramel & cream. It combines a light make up and a day cream in one. The product consists of organic jojoba oil and organic chia butter. It can already say that the lightness of it is breathtaking, it does not seem like I wore any and it felt very freshening. 

Second product is the compact powder in number 030 beige. I cannot say anything clear yet but it does fit to the make up itself and makes the skin even in it's tone. Any redness and little spots are not to be seen anymore. But you need quit a lot as the brush does not take as much of it.

Number three is the shimmer rough powder in number 10 Secret Rose to lighten up my face, give it some healthy colouring and a little mysterious shimmer. It does smell like roses, and it sure does the job. I am literally in love with it. It makes my morning and I am wearing it proudly. I definitely can recommend this already. I always have been very satisfied by the roughs of Alverde, I must say.
This product dimly make your cheeks glow.

My next product is one of the non vegan products I have bought. This is the Catrice cosmetics palette "absolute Rose" number 10 named Frankie Rose To Hollywood. We have six different rose to violet shades in there, three of them are matte (1;2;5) and three of them high pigmented (3;4;6). There is a big variety, you can create a nice nude look as well as a heavier autumn look which is why I like all of their palettes a lot. They do not cost much 5  € tops and you get a lot of them. I also have the nude and chocolate palette and I knew that this would not be a product I won't like. The eyeshadows fit perfectly in the autumn theme and I really am in love with the violet tones at the moment.

Moving on to the eyebrow pencil from Alverde again in number 020. I have quit dark eyebrows even though my hair tends to be on the blonder side (even if not coloured) I have to say it really easy to use and you get a brush on the other side as well so tame your brows before. I just recently started using eyebrow pencil and cannot say too much as I am still experimenting but I couldn't go without it anymore.
I also bought a new brush with is also from a german brand called DM. It is very fluffy and I love, love, love it. It so easy to use and does not hurt my skin like the other brush I had before. Also the finish looks so natural and light, no hard lines what so ever. It was life changing. Plus it's animal cruelty free.
Now we are talking lipsticks. I have bought two one is from Alverde (the green one) and the black one is from DM. 
Alverde first, it is number 28 "Deep Violet" and is a nice berry tone, very natural looking and very fitting for some dark, dramatic autumn lips. It does not stay on too long, you would have to redo your lip once or twice as it kept on sticking on my tea pots like a pro. But I love it anyways.
The other lipstick is from DM like mentioned before. It's the ultra matte lipstick, number 090 matte. And this one is really bright compared to the Alverde one but it lasted literally all day long without disappointing. Never seen that before and I am really amazed. It was so fast and easy to put on, like in 5 seconds and I was ready to go. I surely recommend this lipstick to theo new who like their dramatic dark red lips a lot and all day long!

Now the last two non vegan eyeshadow palletes are from caprice again and they just arrived. I am talking about the Trio Deluxe Eyeshadow number 030 Rose Vintage. It contains three eyeshadows, a light one, and two darker ones. As you can see in my swatches, they are really high pigmented and create a lot of drama in your face so definitely something you'd want to wear to a party or out for dinner, not in school. 
I will create a tutorial with it as I am amazed by the quality of it and caprice has never disappointed me in the past.  

And last but not least we have another Catrice pallet, the other Trio Deluxe Eyehsadow pallet number 010 Antique C'est Trés Chic and this time we have all the brown shades and it is not as dark as the other pallet so we might be able to wear it during the day time as well. As the other paler its highly pigmented and very bright. With this pallet I sure will create a fitting say- time autumn look as well.

So this has been my little Make- up haul and I hope you have found it maybe helpful or entertaining. 

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