Book Review- The Midnight Rose

Hello Everyone! I was reading again. I have to say I missed it so much and I find reading such an important part in life as you d...

Hello Everyone!

I was reading again. I have to say I missed it so much and I find reading such an important part in life as you do something for yourself, you heart, your soul. I have bought so many book I want to read, yet I have such little time with being a senior in school now. Yet, what I have learned is that we, or I need some "Me- Time" in the day. So I have taught myself to go to bed earlier and have that our before I fall asleep to read. This helps me calm down, reset, chill and relax. 

As you may know or not, I am a huge fan of Lucinda Riley as I connect to the main topics she writes about a lot. In her book she always has a similar story line or structure which is that the story start in the now but then travels back time and generations and explain the current situation of the main character from the past, with all the drama, heartaches and hurdles that have happened. 
The book I want to introduce to you today is "The Midnight Rose". Written by Lucinda Riley and published in 2013 by Pan Mcmillan (UK). 
The book is a romantic novel which is telling the life story of Anahita Chevan to help clarify a lives mystery of hers with the help of her past four generations back to the now and her great grand son. On the journey there is magic, love and passion involved that makes the reader connect with the main characters on another level.

Our reading journey takes us back to India and longs from the British Raj to the present day through the memories of Anahita and and Donald's diary as well as experiences that are happening whilst finding answers to a believe and instinct that eventually solves a life changing moment in the life of Anahita. The book is written for young and old as it connects from levels that only mothers understand as well as the passionate love that us people experience throughout our adolescent years of life all spiced with a bit of magic and reality of life. 

I always find myself being absolutely spell bounded only after reading the first chapter of the book as the story lines always have me asking so many questions that I burn to know. However, the solution sonly found in the final chapters which takes me on an exciting journey where I not only learn about history and life acceptance but experience real emotions as well! Yes, I actually cried, and I am one of the most unemotional people in history, I believe. 

Now all that there is left to say for me is that I hope that you will close you App, PC or notebook after you ordered the book here or downloaded the audio book as you might want to rather listen because of motivational lack or timely issues. 

I really hope you will read or listen to the story as it is a wonderful one and not for any reason a bestseller! 
If you want further information you might want to visit Lucinda Riley's website here or click on the book cover for more reviews.

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