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Hello Everyone!  Here is the second part of my little beauty haul and I actually was really amazed by how much you guys loved the first...

Hello Everyone! 

Here is the second part of my little beauty haul and I actually was really amazed by how much you guys loved the first part so I hope you will like this post just as much! 
This time my products are all vegan and cruelty free which makes me feel a bit better about myself because none had to die for me. I don't know, I like that I can also contribute into making a change in the world even if it's just a little one but with every person thinking like this an actual movement develops and as a final result there will hopefully happen something wonderful.

I am a perfectionist so as soon as I need a new product, I need the whole line so it will look need and all same coloured. And this is what happened. But I needed quite a few products such a s hair spray, lotion etc. 
I was at a german drugstore called DM and the line I bought it from is the natural cosmetic line "Alverde". It's really affordable and they have a lot of different options in smells of course, very simple packaging that makes me personally trust them a lot more. There is not so much drama, it seems down to earth. Most importantly though it's that it's cruelty free like I said in the intro. But if you are interested in any of the products you can inform your self here and have a look on the actual website here.
But here we go! 

So there I all the products again and I bought a whole hair line. Shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. Then I had some body lotion and hair mousse. 

Hair products 

I have been using the products for two weeks now and I have to say I am not disappointed. They are not life changing nor are they very special. The thing that I like about them is that they are filled with a lot of good and healthy, natural ingredients such as avocado and chia butter that is supposed to strengthened your hair and because of glycerin from plants it also very hydrating. The whole range is for dry and brittle, thin hair. Now another important factor about hair or body products is the scent for me and these product smell very natural, not chemical and smooth but fresh as well. There is no artificial hint whatsoever that I could find which just makes me think positive. Also it is without any silicones. 
I found myself noticing my hair getting a lot better over the last months which is probably a result of using natural cosmetic to look after myself. It really makes a difference I promise you this.

I really need to use more body lotion because my skin has gotten so dry and it's seriously not nice. On the good side though of hitting rock bottom is rising, seeing life coming back and see things regenerating. So as a first step to do myself something good again I chose the cocoa butter- hibiscus body lotion which smells like summer and winter in one. It starts with a fruity smell and logically finishes with the soft smell of the ever so lovely cocoa butter. It's a whole heart warming scent we have here. 
The lotion itself is of course for dry skin. She lotion gives the skin hydration with its organic plant glycerin and protects it with the help of organic sunflower oil. 
As for what i have noticed is that my skin really has gotten smoother and the after shave effect on my legs are like night and day. I love it and actually starting to like using a lotion again.

Mousse and hairspray

I need a mousse because I let my hair dry without a blowdryer and to avoid the fluff and puff and light curls and waves I use a pump of mousse so I won't have to fight against that unwanted stuff with too much heat after washing and drying it. So I have bought the mousse with lotus flower extracts and purple rice. It gives my hair a lot of volume which surprised me a lot. My hair is really long and thin so it was quite a change to have some centrifugal force in them. My hair stayed in place even during the night and I just needed so use heat to sort it out more for only 4 minutes instead of the usual 12-15 minutes which is all I could ask for.
I am not the one that uses hairspray everyday but still I need it for the really rare moments in my life where I have a need top knot or some up- does. As I want to wear those more often during my longer school days I wanted a product that makes things staying in place but vegan. Alright I only used it once so far so this review is not much accountable but hey. 
The bottle promised a normal hold which I found rather positive because my hair still felt softer and silkier or not so sticky as known of strong holding products. The hair seemed to have a little natural glow and looked more lively, still healthy. 
All over I have had a positive experience with it thought it does not hold the whole day. I'd give it a good six hours before the hair seems to get the better of the situation. Last but not least, there is no artificial smell! Yet, it is worth buying it surely.

 My overall experience ..

.. with the line Alverde and the products I bought is very positive. They are vegan, they are of natural ingredients, keep their promises, smell wonderfully and do not harm your body or hair in any ways as far as I have noticed.

I hope you found this post helpful or I could turn you into trying a natural cosmetic line as Alverde might not be available everywhere. Yet, there are many natural cosmetic lines out there which I am going to introduce to you as well very soon. However, you can maybe buy them as nature is nature and will probably have the same effects. What I can say for sure though is that I am much happier with the organic cosmetics I have bought than the chemical brands I used before.

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