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Hello Everyone!   My last two weeks have been rather hard. Not only in terms of school and other related stuff but I was just not fe...

Hello Everyone!  

My last two weeks have been rather hard. Not only in terms of school and other related stuff but I was just not feeling my best. I felt so out of energy, low mood and was very demotivated to do anything. I barely got anything done and if so it was surely not as good as it could have been.
I am feeling better as of the last two days and I am so relieved to have made it out of this mess alive. 
So as every friday I will show you my outfits that I picked for myself this week and I hope you will like them! Have fun. 

Monday: 5.10.15
Mondays always are the most longest days of the week but as far as I can remember it didn't turn out to be as bad.

Cardigan: furry H&M cardigan in black
Blouse: bordeaux volant blouse from H&M 
Short: fake leather short by H&M 
black tights 
Boots: Stradivarius boots
Bag: black H&M messenger bag
Necklace: layered silver necklace H&M as well

Tuesday: 6.10.15
This day my wisdom teeth started hurting even more. They have been bothering me for two years but this month it was just crazy. I wasn't able to think properly and this sh*t almost got me crying (which I haven't done in years now actually) 

Jumper: white H&M turtle neck jumper 
Shorts: wine red and high waisted Stradivarius Shorts
black tights
Boots: black Stradivarius boots

Wednesday: 7.10.15
On that day I finally had enough, another sleepless night of pain was the cherry on my cup of ice cream and I made it to the dentist. She gave me a paste to get the swelling down and referred me to the hospital where I made an appointment to remove them in surgery because they found out that my jaw is physically not able to have wisdom teeth and this is why they violently trying to get out of there which causes so much pain. 
So I simply threw on something just to be dressed.

Jumper: red Zara oversized jumper
Cardigan: furry H&M cardigan
black tights
Stradivarius boots

 Thursday: 8.10.15

Feeling much much better that day, it was not comparable. Like I was back to my old self from two weeks ago. Still couldn't eat properly but a bit at least. And I was able to study and revise again as well which gave me back my feeling of sanity and strength.

Jumper: furry Mango jumper (I love it so much!)
Shorts: oriental fall print shorts from Zara (  high waisted) 
black tights
Stradivarius boots
Biker bag from H&M 

Friday: 9.10.15

And today, even as the day started a bit sleepy, turned out to be the best and most productive. I was able to do things again, laugh and enjoy. Really, today I was happy!

Jumper: v-neck creamy champaign jumper from Zara 
Blazer: favorite coloured blazer from H&M 
Jeans: ripped Jeans from GStar Raw
Stradivarius boots
Unpictured: orange unlabeled Shopper

I hope you liked my little post with this diary (I had to just let out and tell people what I've been through this week) 
We'll talk soon again my Lovelies! 

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