What I Ate Today As A Vegan + Zucchini Boat Recipe

Hello Everyone! It's Wednesday night everyone and this means it's time for the What I Eat As A Vegan post! I have recognized...

Hello Everyone!

It's Wednesday night everyone and this means it's time for the What I Eat As A Vegan post! I have recognized that I need much more food since school has started. Which is good and I have been enjoying a lot. It's just amazing to me to see how much energy thinking costs.Our bodies really are amazing. But without further rambling, let's get started.


I had one of my little mason jars smoothies. I prepared two of them and one really filled me up and it was oh so yummy. I made it from scratch and leftover veg and fruit I found in the kitchen

Here is was I used (putting my Instagram photo on here) I used:

a handful of spinach
1/4 melon 
some blueberries
3 dates
one banana 
a bit of coconut milk
a scoop of banana protein powder 

Mixed it in the smoothie maker and done! Yum.

Snack One

As a snack at around 11 am I had half an apple, a the big ass nectarine from my vegan haul, if you watched that and the other smoothie I prepared.


For lunch (I still felt quit full) I had half a sweet potato and stemmed broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. I loved it so much, seriously if I could, I would bath in it.

Snack Two

Last week I made these energy balls and I had three of them everyday. So I had the last ones today and two of those baby bananas which equals to one normal banana but I thought they looked really cute and they are quiet handy. 


I wanted to make Zucchini boats for ages and finally have gotten around to do so. This is a really easy and very quick recipe (if the prepped the potato beforehand) and It's healthy, easy and dry delicious, Definitely worth a try, you won't loose much more than 4 bucks.

Zucchini Boat "Recipe"

As said before the recipe is so easy and quick to make. It is cheap, has for ingredients and tastes heavenly and fills you up all with the good and healthy vitamins and nutrients our bodies strive for.
So you will need: 

one medium zucchini
some vegan cheese (shredded or cut in little pieces)
sweet potato
a tomato

Just like all my recipes, I simplified this one as well to make it a quick prepared meal. 

1. Cut the sweet potato in stripes and put it in the preheated oven for 45 minutes at 150 degrees C or 350 degrees F.
2. Cut the Zucchini in half and put on tomatoes and put on cheese.
3. In the last 2-3 minutes put the boats in the oven with the potatoes.
4. Now put everything on the plate nicely and enjoy your lovely, healthy, vegan dinner.
5. Diagest.

I hope you liked it, will enjoy one of the recipes and if you do let me know in the comments. 

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