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Hello Everyone!  This one never gets old because most of us fight this everyday. At least I do. Today I will share my tips how I ...

Hello Everyone! 

This one never gets old because most of us fight this everyday. At least I do. Today I will share my tips how I get out of a really big procrastination hole which I overcame just yesterday after my energy and nerves were pretty much non existent. So I had to put life on hold and rest the eff out. On the plus side I am fully charged again but on the other hand, well I have a to do list that is endless and overflowing which makes me want to take a turn in my bed and keep on sleeping back and forth. 

But lets get started. Here come the sex step to get things done! 

1. Getting rid of all distractions


It's always the first and most important step. Cellphones, computer or all sorts of social media interaction are distraction if there are things to get done! Turn them of in order to have a free mind. 

2. Put on some music

Although you have turned off your computer and phone, working in silence isn't nice if you do cleaning. Whilst doing homework I wouldn't recommend this step. However, if you cannot stand the silence turn on music or listen to an audio book like I do to get in the good mood and make things moving faster and easier.

3. Set a time limit

If there are multiple things to get done set yourself a time limit for each. If you don't get fully done, don't worry, at least you started! This is a tip I got from my head teacher and it is super helpful if you have much school work to get done and don't know where to start. 

4. Know your energy levels

This is something I really have to work on. I always overstep my energy levels, don't rest enough or give myself time to recharge and heal. And then I end up being fully dead for one or two days because of exhaustion. 
So please, figure out how your body work because you will just end up in a horrible procrastination cycle that is hard to get out of. 
I know that I always get tired in the afternoon so around 4pm I will either have a little nap or have a tea and read a book for 45 to 60 minutes before going on mission two until 7 pm because then I know I really need to stop. 

5. Being accountable.

If you really have trouble staying off the phone, train yourself by asking a friend to text you or call you to see if you really do get stuff done or not. Easy as it is, if the phone is on and the message read or you answer the phone its more likely you procrastinate. Also it is a reminder that you now should really get busy.

6. Reward yourself

Easy psychology this is, if there will be a rewards in the end like a piece of cake or a new shopping spree whatever you like, you won't have bad associations against doing work because you now know there will always be the extra rewards afterwards besides the amazing feeling of finishing something up.

So I hope this was somehow helpful and that you pick this formula up and give it a try. Are there any procrastination tips you have that are essential to you and you couldn't leave out? 

Until next time :) 

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