Elegant Touch Nails - Review

Hello Everyone! Today I have something really different in plan for you, something amazing, something unusual for me.  I have tri...

Hello Everyone!

Today I have something really different in plan for you, something amazing, something unusual for me. 
I have tried fake nails for the first time in my life and I have changed my opinion positively towards them that I want to share and recommend this brand to you. 

I've bought these beautiful nails in a nude colouring with a girly yet fashionable, classy glitter print by "Elegant- Touch" (more here) after a recommendation by a friend. I used them for our party last friday to set a light statement by using simple accessories. I wasn't convinced at first because they looked rather plastique and dull in the packaging or maybe I was to skeptical in my own ability to pull them off because I always used to be a believer on the natural side of things.

The package included 24 nails and only cost me around 7 € which I think is a really fair deal considering that there are nails out there that cost double, are half of the product, hold half their promises and don't have a glue in there as well. 

Elegant Touch has many more designs for every purpose, latest colouring and styles everything my heart would desire, so it's at least worth to have a look and I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

So putting them on was really easy, there is a glue in there that I used and I simply put that on my entire nail and pressed the nail on top for a minute. The whole procedure took me 12 minutes in total which is way faster than painting my nails and waiting for them to dry. 
Also the form of the nails fit my actual nail which stunned me. I did not have to prepare them to fit my nail. Maybe it is because I have stereotype nails in which case I am lucky but I read other reviews that said the same. No they did fit perfectly which made it very easy for me as a beginner.

As for how long they lasted. The packaging promised that the nails would hold up to 12 days which I thought was a bit "too much" to promise. I decided for myself that I would be happy if they lasted 7 days.
In the end 6 of them did last the week and the other four fell off during the week. Now I do not know if it was because of my poor glueing skills (because under these I saw air) or because of my using my hands more than usual because I was moving, packing up and lifting things. 
I will definitely have another try with the remaining nails and update this post on this point.

As you can probably tell I am really positively minded about these nails and would recommend this to girls and young woman who want to try fake nails but don't want to go through the cost of gel nails which can be really expensive. They are worth it, you can overpaint them if you do get bored of the design. 
Describing these nails in three words I would say they are: Quick, Easy and Trustworthy.

I hope I covered all of the important aspects of a review and if you do have other question, please ask. I'd be happy to answer any further ones.

Until next time. 

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