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Hello Everyone!  It's not going to be long anymore before the hard part of the terms starts so I thought some tips about "how to...

Hello Everyone! 

It's not going to be long anymore before the hard part of the terms starts so I thought some tips about "how to revise" would be good for me as well as you. There are so many ways we can make learning and revising a bit less boring, less painful and more fun

1. Internet off 

I cannot stress this enough but internet, social networks and mobil devices do not help, they take up all you attention and energy and in the end you know what all you friends did today but nothing for your exam which most likely won't get you an A. 
Turn it off and answer two hours later, people will survive and most importantly you to plus you did something productive. 

2. Timetable

Plan your studying. Let's say you have got three weeks left then plan e.g. every Monday and Thursday for this subject to revise, two hours each time. This will make it more organized, you do not have to stress if you don't understand or get something right away and you are more likely to remember it for longer because your brain has time to process the information and save it on the long term brain department.

3. Variety 

I am a big believer in writing to do list. I could never concentrate on one thing all day long. So I write myself a to do list every day and include homework and study times in it. In-between each sessions I do something fun like calling my friend, write my blog, clean, cook, meal prep, go for a walk or work out. Whatever suits best. This will give my brain time and air to process, relax and recharge for the next study episode. Plus I am much more productive that way and that makes me feel good and sleep my 7-8 hours a day.

4. Get up early

I hate getting up at 10 am or 11 am and my whole day is almost over. I am a morning person, I get my strength and happy mood out of the first light of the day, when I am able to see how the world wakes up. I have much more time to do things in the day = being more productive and I have almost no stress unless I make it for myself. Figure out what works best for you. I usually get up at 7 or 8 am on weekends and love to enjoy my coffee in front of the open window and mindlessly stare outside. This honestly makes me happy and more energized that the depressing thought of 3 or 4 hours less of time. 

5. Study methods

Now this step is a feather personal one. It depends what type of person you are. Do you learn better seeing things, doing it yourself or hearing? 
I write flash cards in my own hand writing, my brain remembers writing the same thing over and over again very easily plus I can carry them with me everywhere and have a quick look at any time.
Another thing I do in subjects that include a lot of studying like psychology or biology, I also make collages and pin them somewhere I see them from every point of my room. You will catch yourself looking at it and thinking about it a couple of times and remember in the exam where what was writing (hopefully) 
Another thing I do is talking to myself loudly + moving around in the apartment. Lets say I was learning about coping mechanisms I walk around my apartment and learn each of them in another room. Later when I need to write them down in my exam I remember where I was standing as I learned it. Freaking genius idea! 

6. Look Ahead and Divide Work

Studying the night before doesn't work. Been there, done that, simply does not work for me. You usually know when your exams are so start revising at least three weeks ahead, a little every time every day but therefore more intense. It'll stuck with you more than the stressful, painful night before the exam. It also won't seem as much and if you do have questions you have time to ask the teacher or mates to explain again. 

7. Breaks

Another proven fact is that if you take little breaks in-between studying it is more effective studying that having a power lesson. For every 30 minutes studying there should be a 5 minute break, have a cup of tea, open the window and breath. 15 minutes for an hour of studying, make yourself something to eat, call a friend, get your mind of studying for those 15 minutes. Finally id you powered through 2 hours os revising, take a 30 minutes break and go for a walk, move around a little and put your energy into physical use.

8. Believe in bananas and power foods

You need to recharge! Your brain takes up the most energy during the day. Only for keeping your organs working it'll take 500 calories not including the energy you need for studying. So in your study breaks have a little snack like a banana, a couple of dates or some fruit, a smoothie. Something that gets your blood sugar up again. This will recharge you and you have more concentration afterwards. 

9. Relaxing time

Do not study through the days. It is a proven fact that this won't work because your brain needs breaks as much as your body does if you run. You'd never run a whole day through, you wouldn't be able to! 
So set yourself a certain time frame, lets say two hours a day

10. Sleep with your books

This might sound really stupid but I believe in putting the books or flashcards under my pillow the night before the exam to absorb all the knowledge I need to have :D It's a comforting believe that makes me go into the exam a bit more confident.

So these tips really help me. I hope I could somehow help you, motivate to study and that we will all have a bit less of a stressful exam time!

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